Saturday, August 20, 2011

EOTD: 8/9/2011

Hello beautiful and hopefully not sick like me people out there!!! Omg last night was the worst. I hate trying to sleep when I'm sick, it's so futile. I really should have taken Advil PM or something but I didn't want to feel groggy on top of being sick since I had to go to work. And I had to go to work, one because I didn't want another point on my attendance record and two because I had appointments coming in at 6 that I had to do. It's weird, the entire day I pretty much felt like ultimate crap and somehow I had some tea and took something for my headache and when 6 rolled around I felt a lot better. Right now I'm back to feeling awful, so count me in for some more tea! Another thing I hate about being sick; I can't cuddle! D: I love cuddling with the bf but since I don't want to get him sick it's not happening! Boo! Well here's a nice eye look I did a couple weeks back... I can't believe it's already August 20th... eeekkkk.

Inner lid: Bright Future. Middle lid: Exotic Victoria. Crease: Humid. Highlight: Soul. Top liner: Blacktrack.

I think I have BE Avant-Garden blush on my cheeks and I know for a fact I have BE Pretty Amazing in Allure on my lips, my new fave!

I really love this look because I was looking for a way to incorporate Exotic Victoria into something as I haven't used that color in a while and it's just ace!

Well, seeing as how I'm off tomorrow (YAAAAAY) I might just take some Advil PM to help me sleep...

Thanks for looking!


  1. Very nice eyes! Love the eyeshadow! So awesome! I wish I could pull it off. I have such small eye lids.


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