Sunday, August 7, 2011

EOTD: 7/21/2011

Hello again! I'm pretty stoked now. The Giants are leading 3-1 right now in the bottom of the 7th. STOKED. We need this win. And the stupid D-backs are trailing the stupid Dodgers. If you know baseball, especially baseball rivalries, you know that as a Giants fan, I HATE the Dodgers. They're bums. The end. But right now they're playing the D-backs who are right at our heels in the standings, and if we can win today and if the dumb Dodgers beat the D-backs, we can gain some ground in the standings again. So, as much as I hate to say it, go dodgers. Now I have to wash my hands for typing that.

Here's a look from a couple weeks ago. This is actually one of my go-to looks when I want something dramatic but really simple. I call it my "vampire look" because literally every time I've done it, someone tells me I look like a vampire. It is pretty hot, if I do say so.

Sorry I don't have a products used picture, but it doesn't matter because the only product you need to know about is the shadow I used, from Bare Escentuals of course, called Here Kitty.

Entire lid: Here Kitty. Highlight: Soul (BE). Top liner: Intense Black Big & Black Eyeliner (BE).

Ohhhh yeah, here's where the magic happens. Lips. It's Vanessa Buxom and I lurrrrves it. HOTTT.

What I also love about this color is it really makes my eye color stand out. I mean, the green looks intense! Well, what do you think? Vampire-ish? At least I don't sparkle. (Btw, I loathe Twilight. Ugh. What a disgrace to vampires, Lestat would never approve of "vegetarian" vampires. LOL).


  1. Love this color~ I have always loved the rusty cranberry colors!~

  2. Beautimous! :) way too pretty to be a vampire! hehe

  3. Yes, very gorgeous and it does make your green eyes stand out! Love it!

  4. you always come up with really gorgeous looks! I'm love the colors in this one <3 I don't think I can ever pull these colors off.

  5. wow, you have beautiful eyes! I like your blog very much , I´m a new follower now ;)

  6. That shade is absolutely stunning and looks awesome on you. Love it! ;)


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