Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cult Nails on Facebook!!

If you haven't seen this yet, on Cult Nails' Facebook page this was posted: "‎1,211 followers - Just 3,789 to go and we put our polishes on sale for $5 for 1 day! Wahoo!" HOLY JEEZ get on over to the Cult Nails Facebook page and like it if you haven't already!!! Awesome polish for $5?? Yes please!!! I wish I had some swatches to show you (since I do own a few of them) but I don't yet (waiting on the nail polish suicide) so go check out some other blogs if you're not sure what this brand is all about!!! Or even better, visit the Cult Nails blog to check out some swatches! They also provide links to other blogger reviews of Cult Nails polishes, so head on over! Dooooo eeeet now!! 

And might I add, this makes me feel significantly better about today seeing as my Giants are losing terribly right now. I was going to go cry now, but maybe I'll just eat some ice cream, lol.

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