Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shirt of the Day: Magic Within

Ahaha here I am again with yet another awesome Harry Potter Tee Fury t-shirt!! Oh man, I love that I have a shirt to kinda correspond to every look I do, like the one yesterday was black and yellow and I had done my Hufflepuff look, and this one today features Harry so there's already red and gold on the shirt, so it matches! Wow I'm a dork.

Ehehehehe!!! Isn't it frickin adorable! Aww I love it! It's another play on words, get it?! Nesting dolls... magic within... ahhhh puns.

This picture was actually taken some time last week I think, so that's why my makeup is not the same from today, but it still matches!

Yes, yes, I know you can't wait for the last two... man this is fun, doing themed stuff! I'll have to do more!

Thanks for bearing with my dorkiness! :D


  1. Omg, that shirt is one of the cutest harry potter things I've ever seen (and i'm not the biggest fan). I want it! :D Oh, and I just saw your message about blog awards from a while back and sorry it took so long to respond, but THANK YOU :)

  2. Oh my leeerv this! Its so freaking adorably and geeky!!


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