Friday, July 15, 2011

Shirt of the Day: Accio Brains

Now for the corresponding shirt for my Slytherin looks, and probably one of my favorite Tee Fury shirts, besides my Droidberg shirt.

I realize this is Harry, but it's got green in it so I thought "Slytherin colors.... kinda?!"
BIG LOLZZZ @ "Accio Brains"
I'm not a huge zombie fan which is why I hesitated to buy this shirt, but again, "Accio Brains" is flippin genius.

Look you can kinda see my new tattoo! :D

"Don't take my brains!!!"
Well, if you think about it, Harry Potter has affected my brains in a way and sort of "taken" them...

If you click on the Tee Fury link some time today before 9 pm PT you can see the new t-shirt I just bought in honor of the HP movie being released last night!!!! Ahahaha I'm so weird.

Thanks for looking!


  1. LOL! This is genius! Accio Brains would be the best spell for a zombie! Fantastic <3


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