Saturday, July 16, 2011

One tiny nail haul and whole lotta dorkiness haul

Hello world, and a big hello to some new love bugs to my blog! Hey, if you're reading this and commenting, thanks, I truly appreciate it!

So I left my house today thinking "I'm only going to CVS to get false lashes." (It's one of my close friend's birthday party tonight so I need to go in style.) Alas, that didn't work out since Peninsula Beauty is right next door. I just wandered in to see if there was anything new, plus I also wanted to make sure they didn't carry the hair color I want, which they don't. I came out with only one thing!

Does anyone have any handy tips for taking pictures sans flash and sans blurriness?? Technology escapes me.

After that, Blockbuster is in the same shopping center as the aforementioned stores, so I ran over thinking to pick up Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 since I actually haven't seen it since it first came out. Bad me! Well, no luck, they didn't have it. So I got these instead:

Behold my favorite movie of the moment. I seriously cannot stop watching the last scene of the movie. It's on Netflix Instant but I love this movie so much that I just bought it to have. I didn't even really expect to find it there but somehow it was. <3

I don't have any of the HP movies on DVD. My parents have it on Blu-Ray, but I don't have a Blu-Ray player or PS3 and I want to be able to watch on my computer so I figured I'll start somewhere by getting the 6th one.

I've actually never seen this, but I heard it was good and Blockbuster was doing a 4 for $20 deal so I just grabbed it. I also partially got it because I love the girl's lipstick on the front. XD

Another one I haven't seen but I know my sister LOVES this movie, and I like Michael Cera and Jason Schwartzman so why not. But the main reason I got it is because he's wearing an awesome Smashing Pumpkins t-shirt... and a ringer shirt no less! Ahh I love the Pumpkins.

On my way out of Blockbuster I overheard some mom telling her kids they would stop at Target to see if the 7th Part 1 was there; so I followed her idea and went there next. Alas, they didn't have it either, but they did have:

ZOMG. All 7 movies (minus the most recent one, of course!!) for $70?? I'll take it!!!! Wait, now what do I do with that other HP 6 movie?? Never fear, I already had a plan in mind; I texted my mom and asked if she had that one on DVD, and what do ya know, she doesn't have that one, so I can give her my extra! Nice! I'm extra excited to watch all of these, especially since I have the most awesome drinking game! First one is anytime someone says "Voldemort/Tom Riddle/You-Know-Who/He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named/etc." you take a drink and the second one is anytime someone uses a wand you take a drink. Stoked.

Now are you ready for some awesome-ness!? If you aren't aware, my step-mom works for EA Games and since they make the Harry Potter video games, they get a private screening of Harry Potter before everyone else, which is how I got to see it on Thursday at 5:30pm. Well yesterday when I got home, this was on my door, waiting for me:

OH HAIIIII SNAPE. I love you so much. It's funny because yesterday when I was leaving the theater with my friend (yes, I've seen it twice now) I saw this poster and was totally telling my friend I wished I had that in my room!! Omg someone up there likes me! :D

My step-mom also gave me these ones. I love this picture of Harry, he looks like such a strong man. :D

Voldemort! That's the one thing I wish they did in the movie to follow the book; give Voldemort those red, snake-like eyes! Ah well... I love Ralph Fiennes!

SWOON. Neville... oh Neville. I love you so much, and I've loved you from the beginning! Damn he is attractive.

Draco! Your head is so oddly shaped, but I love your character! I read in Seventeen magazine that when they were young, Emma Watson had a crush on Tom Felton, and he knew about it and they laugh about it now... so sweet!!

There was also Ron Weasley but my sister has it. It doesn't matter, I was glad enough just to have Snape! I also have a larger poster that just says HP7 with Hogwarts in the background. It's pretty epic. I have no idea where I'm going to put any of these, lol.

Also, I made this for my fb profile picture earlier this week... sigh. I'm such a dork.

Thanks for looking!!!!


  1. Kyaa! I love the posters!! Snape FTW <3

    I need a snape poster in my room! ALbeit, my wall are pretty much covered in posters...but I will find room!

  2. Omg i so love HP movie! :p Everytime I watch anyone of those, i always get a goosebump! I love everything.


  3. What an awesome find!!! You are sooo lucky to have seen HP7P2 at an early preview....I seriously got a headache from crying so much!!

  4. OMG I have that movie set!!! Harry Potter is SOOOO amazing! <3 Hermoine is for sure my fave character. Oh, and the twins. :D


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