Monday, July 11, 2011

Nail Polish Suicide: Wet N' Wild Jezebel

Hey kiddies, it's 3 in the morning! Good time for a nail post! Here's another entry for my Nail Polish Suicide. I basically only got this color because of the name... heh! Jezebel, and of course it would be a hot red color! And please excuse the tip-wear and such! :P

Wet N' Wild Jezebel
Well it intrigued me in the bottle... it looked like there was an awesome hidden pink shimmer inside! But on the nail, it just looks like any other red. But I'll love it just the same because I do love red nail polish and I love the name of course, the name so fits the color! In this picture it looks more rich, like a garnet shade compared to the next picture, which makes it look a little brighter.

Wet N' Wild Jezebel
IRL the color is closer to this picture, it's still gorgeous, just ordinary.

Hope you like that, cuz I got super inspired while doing this post! I actually had to look up what a garnet looks like so I didn't confuse it with a ruby (I guess they're different??) and one of the image results was from a website that features fairy and fantasy artwork, and there was a whole series of fairy birthstones! I am super motivated to do my own take on these pieces of artwork (as long as I credit the artist of course!) Perhaps you'll be seeing that in the future... ;)

Have a good Monday and thanks for looking!

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  1. Very nice red! Seriosuly, what are we doing awake at this hour?? How weird...I was making a nail polish post at 3 am too~


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