Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter Series: Nail Edition: Slytherin

Hi again, back here with the last nail edition!! As stated earlier, Slytherin's colors are green and silver, so since I have the Silver Shatter from OPI I was sorely tempted to do a green base with that over it, but seeing as how I already did a shatter look for Hufflepuff, I wanted to do something different. Take a look!

China Glaze Cheers To You
First I started with a base of this gorgeous silver foil from CG's holiday collection last year. It's very reflective and sparkly and I love it on its own. This was three coats.

LA Girl Glitter Addict Purge over Cheers To You
Okay, I SO love this! I love love love glitter and Slytherin so this is right up my alley. I did two coats of this amazing emerald green glitter because I wanted a glitter overload. With one coat it looked quite pleasant because more of the silver showed through, but I just love glitter so two coats was needed! These glitter polishes from LA Girl Glitter Addict are awesome, they give actually pretty decent coverage and could probably be worn alone if you so choose. So far I've used two and both times I layered them. I think I'm just a layering with glitter kinda girl.

Close-up of my thumb nail.

Lots o' pictures because I love this combo and this glitter! So reflective and sparkly!

Another reason I did the glitter last is because we all know it's a bitch to remove, but if I use enough layers it all peels off eventually anyway so no biggie. And now of course I can wear it for a couple of days since I love it so much!! What do you think? What was your favorite mani from this series? I actually can't decide, because I loved the Gryffindor one and was very impressed with my novice skills with the tape mani! But, like I've been saying, I love glitter and Slytherin, so this one might edge the others out by a hair.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Oh wow, love the combo! This should go nicely with the eyes!

  2. This is wicked!! love your spectacles and nail polish! :) great Blog im your new follower,hope you'll follow back

  3. fellow sparkly lover. and that green is to DIE for. loveslovesloves


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