Thursday, July 14, 2011

Harry Potter Series: Nail Edition: Ravenclaw

Now for the nail version of Ravenclaw's colors! Seriously I still can't get over why you change the house colors in the movies... wtf was the point?? Whatevs. So for this mani I was inspired by the one from yesterday and from the Quidditch field featured in the movies. For example:

Obviously, like I've been complaining about for this and the last post, Ravenclaw's colors here are represented as grey and blue, a little to the left center in the photo.

The checkerboard print is what inspired me for this one, plus I was feeling creative with the tape mani. Behold!

OPI Brisbane Bronze
First I started out with the only "bronze" color I own; I'm not a big brown nail polish gal and bronze is pushing it for me. I've tried this color only once before and hated it... and I still do. Why do I even still have it? Perhaps I knew somewhere deep in the recesses of my mind that I would need this color eventually for an awesome HP themed mani! But who cares, cuz I still don't like the color. Good thing I didn't pay for a full size of this, this one came in a special "buy so much of OPI at ULTA and get this free gift" type deal.

MAC Ming Blue over Brisbane Bronze
Oh man, I love this blue. I was trying to get the perfect color for this, a blue that wasn't too navy nor too bright, a nice royal blue without too much green or purple, you get the idea. This went perfectly along with the bronze.

To get the checkerboard: I used regular tape (mine says "Satin Finish Giftwrap Tape") cut in half to cover off two opposing sections of the bronze. Then I simply painted over the tape with the blue and waited for it to dry to peel the tape off. Finally I finished with a top coat of Seche Vite. Pretty simple, really!

I mentioned yesterday that I was up late because I messed up this manicure. Well what I intentionally wanted to do was to paint thin grey lines intersecting the checkerboard just to incorporate the other color used in the movies. I thought it would turn out decent and almost left it alone, but I really didn't like how messy it looked, plus I couldn't manage thin lines, so I took it off and started over. Meh. At least this finished product looks good!

So yay for Ravenclaw! If you're looking forward to seeing which of my Tee Fury shirts compliment this mani/eye look, you're going to have to wait because while I definitely do have a shirt that represents Ravenclaw, I don't actually have it yet, seeing as I just ordered it a few days ago and Tee Fury takes f o r e v e r to send out stuff. So soon, my pretties...

Thanks for looking!


  1. I love this, it's so cute :) I love tape manis too :)

  2. I love so much Harry Potter
    Nice look!!! Wooow *_*
    Great blog :)


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