Thursday, July 14, 2011

Harry Potter Series: Eye Edition: Ravenclaw

Heyyyooooo it's time for the Ravenclaw part of this series! This part was tricky, because Ravenclaw's colors are different from the book in the movie; in the book, their colors are blue and bronze, and in the movie, they're blue and grey. I wonder why they changed it? I went with the book since it is the original, even though the crests I've been showing are from the movie, not the book. I just like the drawings of the crests for the movie, the ones for the book look so campy and like a kid drew them, I dunno, I'm weird.

Anyway, let's talk about Ravenclaw, shall we? So named for Rowena Ravenclaw, its students value intelligence, creativity, learning and wit. As I've already mentioned, their colors from the book are blue and bronze. A notable character from this house would be one of my favorites, Luna Lovegood. I especially love Evanna Lynch, the actor who portrays Luna in the movie, she's exactly how I pictured her! Apparently she made her own raddish earrings when she tried out :D now that's a good Ravenclaw! Here's both pictures of their crest, the movie crest portraying a raven as the house mascot and the blue and grey colors, while the book crest portrays an eagle as the house mascot and the blue and bronze colors. Seriously, WHYYY did they change it in the movie?????

And now for my version of the blue and bronze!

I started with Bronzed all over my lid, next I applied Satin Ruffle to my brow bone, then I used the starred color from the Coastal Scents Metal Mania Palette in the crease. For the top liner I mixed Tinsel with a product from Bare Minerals called "Weather Everything" which turns any power into a water-proof liquid liner. For the bottom liner I lined the inside of my waterline with Midnight pencil then went over that with Denim to intensify. I added a coat of the Blue Black mascara, but you can't even tell it's blue :( and I was hoping for BLUE!!! Meh.

On my cheeks we have once again BE Love Radiance and on my lips is BE Bronze 100% Natural Lipcolor and BE Krystal Buxom on top.

See now, I think I could hang with Ravenclaw! I don't really consider myself "intelligent" but I mean I'm smart enough to know the difference between "your" and "you're" and "their", "there" and "they're", but not really book smart? I dunno, it depends on the subject, like I LOATHE math like no other. I do love learning new things, although again, it depends on the subject. Above all I think the creativity part really sticks out to me, plus I really connect with Luna because well, I'm weird too :D

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