Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Harry Potter Series: Eye Edition: Hufflepuff

Hello crazy kids, I'm uber excited to bring you a really awesome idea that I got from the ever lovely Nancy aka Yami from The Dark Side of Beauty!! She's done really beautiful looks based on the Hogwarts Houses, and the ones she's already finished are Slytherin and Ravenclaw. I'm doing the other two first she hasn't done yet only because I wanted to save my two favorite houses for last, and they so happen to be Slytherin and Ravenclaw, hehe! I'll probably do really dramatic Slytherin makeup last since that will land on Thursday and that's the day I'm going to see the movie!! AAAHHHHHH I'M GOING TO CRY MY LITTLE EYEBALLS OUT!! No seriously, I'm going to cry when Snape dies. Don't read that too hard if you don't want to spoil the story, though really, you should have read that masterpiece by now!!!!!

Anyway, here's my take on Hufflepuff's colors, which consist of canary yellow and black. And here's some more background for ya! Hufflepuff is so named for Helga Hufflepuff and its students are usually categorized as hard working, tolerant, loyal and fair. Their mascot on the crest is a badger (which only makes me think of the nasty ass honey badger and if you have no idea what I'm referring to, go right now and look that up on youtube). Here's an image pulled from google to show you the crest of Hufflepuff.

Now onto my eye balls! Yeah!

First, I used Bright Future on the inner corner of my lid, bringing it to the middle. Then I applied Wildcat to my brow bone. Then I created a nice smoky eye with Black Tied (my favorite!). I used Blacktrack as my top liner and only did Intense Black pencil halfway on the bottom and did Bright Future on the inner half. On top of everything I applied Brave to make it sparkle!

On my cheeks is my new favorite blush, BE Love Radiance, and on my lips is a random Buxom color that I grabbed because it was closest to me haha.

Well, what do you think? Did I represent the Hufflepuffs alright? Even though I identify with the attributes of Hufflepuff, I just couldn't be in that house... I need to keep up this bad-girl attitude! LOL! Plus I <3 Snape... mmm yummy... anyways...

Thanks for looking!


  1. That looks amazing!! PS You and me both!! I am literally going to bring tissue....it's going to be bad (my bawling)! I can't believe we have to wait till the DVD for the epilogue!!!

    I am SO excited!! I've read the books, but my husband (who is a fan) hasn't...he has no idea what he's in for!!

  2. AMazing <3 Its funny what little can be done with yellow and black hehe. Our looks ended up being so similar and I had not even seen your post!
    But I <3 it!! I am sooo going to cry to! Waah, I love Snape.


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