Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nail Polish Suicide: Sally Hansen Chartreuse Chase and China Glaze Broken Hearted

Really quick before I seriously need to go to sleep. Here's some more nail polish suicide for you! I love this combo together, utterly gorgeous.

Sally Hansen Chartreuse Chase
Chartreuse is such an odd word, I love it. My bf's last name is Czech so everyone pronounces it incorrectly, so chartreuse reminds me of him... plus his favorite color is green (but more of an olive green) and I'm rambling. This color is to die for but these polishes do dry pretty instantly like a matte polish would so proceed with caution but quickly!

Another picture because why not? You can see the reason I picked this bad boy up... silver shimmer throughout! Ugh. Amazing.

China Glaze Broken Hearted
Holy balls this is glorious. It didn't crackle properly in some places, note the middle and pinky fingers, but when it did some of that wacky chartreuse peeked through and made the whole thing look fecking delicious.

My thumb shows the crackle the best, although I do like my pointer and ring fingers!

Work tomorrow and Sunday, and Monday... I think I work like six days in a row! Yeah buddy, bring it on!!

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

EOTD: 7/8/2011

Hey everyone, what's happening?! I'm here listening to the Giants game as I write this, desperately hoping the Giants can hang on to this lead and maybe add on some more runs before this game is over! They're playing the Phillies, whom I LOATHE with a  fiery burning passion (sorry to anyone in PA reading this) so Phuck the Fillies! Muahahaha dyslexia... Anyway, here's a look from earlier this month. I was kind of inspired by mermaids I guess, since the colors I used are really mermaid-esque and the name of one of the colors I used it "Siren" so yes. Have a look.

Inner lid: Siren. Middle lid: Steamy. Outer corner/crease: Pompous Blue. Highlight: Cultured Pearl. Top liner: On The Hunt.

Honestly no idea what's on my cheeks or lips, all I know is that they're BE products, haha! Hmm, maybe Love Radiance? And on my lips, maybe Emily Buxom? Suuree....

Ack so far so good for my boys... I don't want to say much because I don't want to jinx it! Eeeeeep. Just GO GIANTS! Yeah!!

Yay for Friday tomorrow, I'm off! Any plans for the weekend?

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nail Polish Suicide: Orly Out Of This World

Hey all my little love bugs! Sorry for being MIA again!!! This time it was my internet... it decided to become flaky and not work for a couple days, but now it's back! So here's what my nails looked like when I went to get tattooed! I was secretly wishing to pull this shade or something dark, because, I dunno, I felt like I needed something punky and still fabulous!

Orly Out Of This World
Holy schnikes, this color is hot. Somehow it really reminds me of my punk days; I probably had a shirt this color, or bondage pants this color. :D

Orly Out Of This World
So this is a deep sparkling grape color with an awesome green duochrome. It's kind of glass fleck I guess?

Orly Out Of This World
If you couldn't guess, I really like this color. I think it was only two coats!

Orly Out Of This World
I tried capturing the green bit, but I always take pictures at night and I'm sure sunlight will show the color better but what can I say, I'm a night owl. :P You can kinda see the green in the bottle below my pointer finger, to give you an idea, because you can see the green on the nail.

Oh man, I've yet to show you my newest edition! I'll get pics up as soon as I can, promise! It's pretty amaze-balls if you ask me.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, July 22, 2011

NOTD: ULTA A Tail Of Two Cities and LA Girl Glitter Addict Purge

Hey again love bugs, back with some nails! This time I didn't commit nail polish suicide, I opted for some orange! My boys of the summer (SF Giants) weren't doing so hot so I thought in order to send them some good luck mojo I'd paint my nails orange! And what do ya know, after that, my boys won SEVEN straight games, including a double-header!!! Wow! And then we lost two in a row, but no biggie! We're still in first in our division! Jeez, I'm such a guy sometimes. Anyway, nail color!

ULTA A Tail Of Two Cities
Ugh gorgeous. This is from ULTA's little mini collection Under The Sea. I saw swatches of these colors on various blogs (I think Beauty Judy and Getcha Nails Did) and wanted them for myself! But alas, when I visited my local ULTA they were not there. I asked the girl working if she knew they were going to get another shipment of the set. She wasn't sure. Oh well, I bought it online cuz I really wanted it and I had a coupon code I just went for it. Next time I visited ULTA, what do you think was sitting innocently right in front? Yep, this set. A bunch of them. MUTHATRUCKA. Oh well, whatevs!!!

ULTA A Tail Of Two Cities
This picture is blurry, apparently. Ooh look at all the glittery foil pieces... yes I love you!

ULTA A Tail Of Two Cities
I'm utterly devastated that these are mini sizes! I might pick up another set because of it...

LA Girl Glitter Addict Purge on top of ULTA
Ohhhh yeah. I fecking love glitter. And these LA Girl glitters are ace! And it's just the right color orange to compliment and offset the lighter orange underneath!

LA Girl Glitter Addict Purge on top of ULTA
So cool, I can't even stand it. So much shimmer!!!!

Thanks for looking!!

EOTD: 7/16/2011

Hey guys, sorry for being so MIA this week! Since last week, I've been working, over at the bf's house and glued to my computer screen watching all the other Harry Potter movies since I just got them on DVD. Also, since then, I've seen the new one three times. I almost went to see it this morning but I haven't been feeling well and I really wanted to sleep in. So instead I'll show you some makeup I did for my friend's party! You may recall me saying that I needed to buy false lashes; well here's what they were used for!

First, I want to apologize for the state of my pictures. There are horrible smudges on my camera lens that I never notice until I'm editing my pictures and some parts are blurry. I don't have a lens cap so I really need to be extra careful and really take the time to clean my lens before I use it. So again, sorry for the weird blurry parts!

Also before we start, I want to share what NARS cosmetics has been doing. They have constructed a website called where they feature different looks, step-by-step instructions featuring which of their products to use, and pictures of fans that have done their own take on the look. At first some of the looks were kind of boring; the makeup didn't really stand out and it seemed very pale and uninspiring. Today, however, when I checked the website, there are new looks! And they're bad-ass! So I will be recreating a few of these for fun! But anyway, the look that I did was Look 4. Here's the link: NARS EXPRESS YOURSELF: THE NARSissists: Look 4

Yes, my lashes are applied asymmetrical. That was remedied later, no worries!

I started with Petunia in the inner corner, then Spright on the rest of the lid. I applied Satin Ruffle to my brow bone. I blended Spright just a bit in the crease but applied the heart Coastal Scents color to my crease and along my lower lash line. Top liner is Blacktrack and inner bottom liner is Intense Black. The lashes are by Ardell and they are Invisiband Glamour Wispies in Black.

No idea what's on my cheeks or lips, sorry!

Well, what do you think? Pretty close to the NARS one? I really liked this look and can't wait to try another one!

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

One tiny nail haul and whole lotta dorkiness haul

Hello world, and a big hello to some new love bugs to my blog! Hey, if you're reading this and commenting, thanks, I truly appreciate it!

So I left my house today thinking "I'm only going to CVS to get false lashes." (It's one of my close friend's birthday party tonight so I need to go in style.) Alas, that didn't work out since Peninsula Beauty is right next door. I just wandered in to see if there was anything new, plus I also wanted to make sure they didn't carry the hair color I want, which they don't. I came out with only one thing!

Does anyone have any handy tips for taking pictures sans flash and sans blurriness?? Technology escapes me.

After that, Blockbuster is in the same shopping center as the aforementioned stores, so I ran over thinking to pick up Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 since I actually haven't seen it since it first came out. Bad me! Well, no luck, they didn't have it. So I got these instead:

Behold my favorite movie of the moment. I seriously cannot stop watching the last scene of the movie. It's on Netflix Instant but I love this movie so much that I just bought it to have. I didn't even really expect to find it there but somehow it was. <3

I don't have any of the HP movies on DVD. My parents have it on Blu-Ray, but I don't have a Blu-Ray player or PS3 and I want to be able to watch on my computer so I figured I'll start somewhere by getting the 6th one.

I've actually never seen this, but I heard it was good and Blockbuster was doing a 4 for $20 deal so I just grabbed it. I also partially got it because I love the girl's lipstick on the front. XD

Another one I haven't seen but I know my sister LOVES this movie, and I like Michael Cera and Jason Schwartzman so why not. But the main reason I got it is because he's wearing an awesome Smashing Pumpkins t-shirt... and a ringer shirt no less! Ahh I love the Pumpkins.

On my way out of Blockbuster I overheard some mom telling her kids they would stop at Target to see if the 7th Part 1 was there; so I followed her idea and went there next. Alas, they didn't have it either, but they did have:

ZOMG. All 7 movies (minus the most recent one, of course!!) for $70?? I'll take it!!!! Wait, now what do I do with that other HP 6 movie?? Never fear, I already had a plan in mind; I texted my mom and asked if she had that one on DVD, and what do ya know, she doesn't have that one, so I can give her my extra! Nice! I'm extra excited to watch all of these, especially since I have the most awesome drinking game! First one is anytime someone says "Voldemort/Tom Riddle/You-Know-Who/He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named/etc." you take a drink and the second one is anytime someone uses a wand you take a drink. Stoked.

Now are you ready for some awesome-ness!? If you aren't aware, my step-mom works for EA Games and since they make the Harry Potter video games, they get a private screening of Harry Potter before everyone else, which is how I got to see it on Thursday at 5:30pm. Well yesterday when I got home, this was on my door, waiting for me:

OH HAIIIII SNAPE. I love you so much. It's funny because yesterday when I was leaving the theater with my friend (yes, I've seen it twice now) I saw this poster and was totally telling my friend I wished I had that in my room!! Omg someone up there likes me! :D

My step-mom also gave me these ones. I love this picture of Harry, he looks like such a strong man. :D

Voldemort! That's the one thing I wish they did in the movie to follow the book; give Voldemort those red, snake-like eyes! Ah well... I love Ralph Fiennes!

SWOON. Neville... oh Neville. I love you so much, and I've loved you from the beginning! Damn he is attractive.

Draco! Your head is so oddly shaped, but I love your character! I read in Seventeen magazine that when they were young, Emma Watson had a crush on Tom Felton, and he knew about it and they laugh about it now... so sweet!!

There was also Ron Weasley but my sister has it. It doesn't matter, I was glad enough just to have Snape! I also have a larger poster that just says HP7 with Hogwarts in the background. It's pretty epic. I have no idea where I'm going to put any of these, lol.

Also, I made this for my fb profile picture earlier this week... sigh. I'm such a dork.

Thanks for looking!!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Shirt of the Day: Accio Brains

Now for the corresponding shirt for my Slytherin looks, and probably one of my favorite Tee Fury shirts, besides my Droidberg shirt.

I realize this is Harry, but it's got green in it so I thought "Slytherin colors.... kinda?!"
BIG LOLZZZ @ "Accio Brains"
I'm not a huge zombie fan which is why I hesitated to buy this shirt, but again, "Accio Brains" is flippin genius.

Look you can kinda see my new tattoo! :D

"Don't take my brains!!!"
Well, if you think about it, Harry Potter has affected my brains in a way and sort of "taken" them...

If you click on the Tee Fury link some time today before 9 pm PT you can see the new t-shirt I just bought in honor of the HP movie being released last night!!!! Ahahaha I'm so weird.

Thanks for looking!

Harry Potter Series: Nail Edition: Slytherin

Hi again, back here with the last nail edition!! As stated earlier, Slytherin's colors are green and silver, so since I have the Silver Shatter from OPI I was sorely tempted to do a green base with that over it, but seeing as how I already did a shatter look for Hufflepuff, I wanted to do something different. Take a look!

China Glaze Cheers To You
First I started with a base of this gorgeous silver foil from CG's holiday collection last year. It's very reflective and sparkly and I love it on its own. This was three coats.

LA Girl Glitter Addict Purge over Cheers To You
Okay, I SO love this! I love love love glitter and Slytherin so this is right up my alley. I did two coats of this amazing emerald green glitter because I wanted a glitter overload. With one coat it looked quite pleasant because more of the silver showed through, but I just love glitter so two coats was needed! These glitter polishes from LA Girl Glitter Addict are awesome, they give actually pretty decent coverage and could probably be worn alone if you so choose. So far I've used two and both times I layered them. I think I'm just a layering with glitter kinda girl.

Close-up of my thumb nail.

Lots o' pictures because I love this combo and this glitter! So reflective and sparkly!

Another reason I did the glitter last is because we all know it's a bitch to remove, but if I use enough layers it all peels off eventually anyway so no biggie. And now of course I can wear it for a couple of days since I love it so much!! What do you think? What was your favorite mani from this series? I actually can't decide, because I loved the Gryffindor one and was very impressed with my novice skills with the tape mani! But, like I've been saying, I love glitter and Slytherin, so this one might edge the others out by a hair.

Thanks for looking!