Thursday, June 23, 2011

Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Vixen Review

Eeeeeeeee more perfume! Haha, I loves me some perfume. One day I'd love to smell a crapload and make a website dedicated to finding perfume dupes. I dunno if there's already such a thing (if there is please tell me) because I can't tell you how many times I smell a perfume and think "Oh crap, do I already have one that smells like this? I can't remember!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" If I could just gather all the perfumes from Macy's Norstrom, Sephora and ULTA and anywhere else that carries perfume, I'd literally sit in one place all day spritzing all of the perfumes and smelling them to find similar ones, place them together and with my notes I've made, make a website informing the world of perfume dupes. I'm weird.

Here's what I got today!

Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Vixen
Holy jeez I love this stuff. Okay, so I was walking by Victoria's Secret after I got off work today and I remembered by co-worker said something about their sale of body/makeup stuff, so, curious, I walked in and browsed around. I have a perfume from there already called Sexy Little Things Noir and I knew they were doing a summer version of that fragrance so that was what I was originally looking for. Unfortunately (or fortunately??) that specific thing wasn't on sale, but this Vixen one was. It was 75% off. SEVENTY-FIVE. Percent. OFF. This fragrance is originally $45. It was marked down to $11.25. ELEVEN DOLLARS?!?!????! I bought two. I may go back and get two more. ZOMG I can't even stand how good of a deal this is, almost as much as I can't stand how much I love this scent!!!! So here's what Victoria's Secret says about this particular fragrance: "Sneak a peek. Make mischief. Be the fantasy in VIXEN™, a showstopping blend of bright florals. Tempting apple blossom, freesia petals and warm vanilla bean." You should all know by now how much I love girly scented things mixed with something more musky. This is amazing stuff. I spritzed it on a paper a walked around a bit, looking at other fragrances, but this one stuck with me. Then I tested it on my skin, again walking around looking at their bras on sale and whatnot. For me, if I keep thinking about the smell (in a good way), then it's a go. If I forget about it or if I keep thinking about it like "Jeez this smells terrible on me I wish I hadn't sprayed it on my wrist," then it's a no go. I would get a slight hint of it as I walked around the store and kept thinking "OMG I MUST HAVE THIS." Especially since it's so friggin cheap. I am seriously going back for more at that price. I'm wearing it right now and it's so damn pleasant! I can't wait to have the bf smell it, I hope he likes it! :)

One bad thing about this guy, however. I frick fracking HATE the atomizer. It's adorable and old school but it sprays very uneven and wonky. On my other fragrance from the Sexy Little Things line, the fabric covering it is fraying and making it difficult to spray sometimes! Oh well, I guess I don't care all that much since I'm considering owning four of these... ;) I literally want to bathe in this stuff and inhale deeply all damn day.

If you haven't yet, go check out VS's sale!!!!

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  1. This bottle is so pretty. I heard it was on sale and I had also heard that it smells delish. Maybe I'll go hunt one down for myself because I love smelly good stuff. :)


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