Thursday, June 9, 2011

Song I'm Obsessed With Right Now: Deftones "Sextape"

One more post for the night. A serious one. Hmm. So here's another segment of Song of the Moment featuring Deftones this time, which is appropriate since next Monday they're playing the Warfield and I wish I were going!!! I still may lurk on Craigslist to find a good price... I should have just bought tickets when I could!! Dammit.

Oh well, here's one song from their most recent album which is, in a word, A-FRIGGIN-MAZING. Sorry bout that, totally wanted to swear to emphasize my point but I don't think my potty mouth would be much appreciated, so you get the picture. The album is Diamond Eyes and the song is "Sextape". I remember when I first started listening to this album I always skipped this song because I found it too slow compared to the rest of the album, but one pensive evening not unlike tonight, I stumbled upon it and fell in love. Chino's voice is like chocolate sex, if that makes any sense. And I didn't know what this song was about until I read the description for the video; apparently it's about love crossing time and space or I dunno, I just know it's beautiful. The video is so creative and colorful, I love it!! So here it is...

Such a gorgeous song!! I love Chino's voice... <3

Also! I am the most excited because in two weeks I'll be getting my next tattoo! Hooray for Rev. Todd the best tattoo artist around here! Lol! He did the one on my left arm and he's doing this one too. When I went in to make the appointment, he said straight up that mine was one of his favorites and he always looks at the picture of it!! Aww! I love him!! And I love tattoos! Ooh and if he has time, the bf wants to get a small one too... ooooh exciting!!

Good night....


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