Monday, June 13, 2011

Shirt of the Day: Slice of Shell

Hey guys, as long as I'm still buying awesome shirts from Tee Fury I figured you might like a gander at them! They really make me smile and they're über geeky, so I'm going to start a new segment, Shirt of the Day! Yay!

Just some background about Tee Fury, it's a website that sells one shirt per day. That's right, it's a new shirt every 24 hours! It changes precisely at 9 pm pacific time. It's really neat because they feature different artists who otherwise wouldn't get the word out about their designs. Oh and they're cheap!! All together around $13 for a really nifty shirt?! Love it!!!

Here is my most recent addition from Tee Fury.

It should be quite obvious to the common nerd like me, but for those who aren't nerd-rific, this shirt is referencing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!! Heroes in a half-shell, turtle power!!! OMG I LOVED the TMNT when I was little!! I had shirts, shoes, socks, you name it! And I also love pizza, so this shirt was a match made in heaven for me. It's too bad it says "Est 1984", I wish it said '86 so then I could really dork out (that's the year I was born, by the way eek!!). I also really like the color of the shirt, I don't have too many grey ones so hooray! The sai (weapons) belong to Raphael of course... everyone always asks me who my favorite turtle was and I honestly can't remember! If I think about it now, I think I like Michelangelo the best because his mask is orange and he's repping Cali (apparently).

WOW so hopefully you got a good dose of über dork today, stay tuned for more cool/geeky shirts!

How's Monday treating you? Thanks for reading!



  1. i love your septum ring and your glasses :-)
    my monday was.. uneventful. tomorrow will be better, my boyfriend is coming back from italy :-)

  2. love it!!! Idk if I should be sad about being such a huge nerd...Oh well!


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