Sunday, June 5, 2011

NOTD: Zoya Ivanka and Nicole by OPI Brilliant Idea

Hello, look, my camera is finally back!! YEE!!! And while I should be asleep right now, I couldn't bear to go without another post, so here's what I've been wearing for the past couple of days. The Nicole one I just put on tonight, but I've had the Zoya one on for maybe two days? Which is why you can see tipwear. Sorry!

Zoya Ivanka
Holy jamoly this polish is friggin beautiful. It sparkles so much that my camera didn't know what to do with itself! It also has a very slight duochrome thing happening which you can't really tell from my pictures but IRL you can. It would be a perfect St. Paddy's Day mani! Too bad that holiday already passed...

Nicole by OPI Brilliant Idea
I wanted to see how this glitter would look over Ivanka and I wanted more sparkle! This color is a lime/lemon glitter (chartreuse?) and it definitely looks more green in the bottle but on the nail it almost looks gold, which I'm totally into and so wishing I thought of these together for St. Paddy's! Oh well, there's always next year...

Overall I like the two on their own but together too! So gorgeous!

By the way, I'm the biggest dork. I don't know anyone else who casually listens to movie scores (like the actual music, not the songs if it's a musical or whatever) , but I LOVE Coraline's score! I could listen to it all day. I especially love it because 1) it fits the movie so perfectly and 2) I know exactly what part of the movie a specific song is referring to. If you haven't heard it go onto Youtube right now and look it up!! Also, I am strongly considering naming my daughter "Coraline" if I ever decide to have kids. Lol.

Everyone have a good Saturday?! I didn't! But it's okay, it's Sunday tomorrow and I'm OFF! And it's my great-grandma's birthday tomorrow - she's 104!!!!! I can't wait to eat lumpia and pancit!! NOM.



  1. Nice to see you back!
    Ohh pretties :D
    The Nicole by OPI one is goooorgeous!

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