Monday, June 13, 2011

NOTD: Zoya Clara

Hi again, I have a bunch of swatches that I recently took when I finally got the camera back, so here's the start of a few colors I wore and remembered during my little hiatus. We're starting with Zoya Clara, a lovely spring color!

Zoya Clara
I particularly love this name because that was my grandma's name :) And this photo is making Clara look more orange than she really is, while she is a nice peach (LOL) she has nice hints of pink too so it really doesn't look that orange-y IRL. It also has a nice silver shimmer running throughout. It can look frosty but it's not as bad as OPI Melon Of Troy. Clara is what Melon Of Troy wishes it was. Clara is how you do silver shimmer in a polish!!

What do you think of Clara? Are there Zoya names you love because they remind you of someone you hold dear? I'm sure there are a few that I'd get just because of the name (there is a Megan, just spelled wrong :P hehe) and some I'd avoid because of the name.

Thanks for looking!


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