Thursday, June 9, 2011

NOTD: LA Colors Power Outage, Borghese, and Santee Purple Sparkle

Hello again, here's what I currently have on my nails. A stroke of bad luck for my poor pointer fingernail today; as I was trying to put my sandals on by means of slipping them on and not actually buckling them on, my hand spazzed out and somehow I broke my nail right at highest point of the free edge, so pretty much into my nail bed. Needless to say, it hurt like a mofo. It bled and stung and it SUCKED. So now I have it patched with nail glue but I'm extremely upset. All my nails on my left hand were doing just fine at the length they're at and now this?! Ugh. This makes me really want to rethink my nail length, but I'm so proud of my nails after how bad they used to be! And it also makes me think maybe I should just put my sandals on like I should, but I'm lazy and I hate buckles.

So here's the LA Colors polish I put on; like I said, it's nothing extremely special but for 99¢ I'll take it, especially when it is so pretty.

LA Colors Power Outage
A very nice and opaque raspberry/fuchsia with tons of pink sparkle and hints of blue/purple. LOL I just noticed the bottle says "with hardeners"... umm, apparently NOT. Anyway, I did three coats of this and started to get bored so I layered glitter hooray!

Borghese no name from the Serena Mini Kit
This little guy I picked up from Rite-Aid ages ago in the mini set of four. They have no labels, but this one is blue, pink, red and gold teeny tiny glitter in a clear base. It would be amazing if I could get this opaque but oh well. I love how the blue really pops out.

Santee Purple Sparkle
Got this and many others from a lot on ebay. I think I got twelve polishes for $20? I don't remember, but I got almost every glitter that was available :) This one is a purple large hexagon glitter with tiny round/hexagon silver holographic glitter in a clear base. This takes this mani to the next level! It's so fun and sparkly! And I just might put a crackle on top... hmmm...

Oooh and here's a kitteh for you!!
This is Posey, my baby girl! She was very excited to be in my room and likes the fact that I moved my bed to the window so she can look out it. That's some of my nail stash over in the corner there! And yes, we named our cats after Giants players. My boy kitteh is Lincecum because he has an orange spot on his nose. I love kittehs!!!!



  1. I love the layering...looks so pretty! I have the mini Borghese you makes my brain super crazy that I haven't been able to find names for them!

  2. I've tried numerous times searching the internet for a hint of names for these but to no avail! I know what set they're in but that's about it...

  3. The colors are soo pretty =3
    And your kitty is simply adorable~~~


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