Friday, June 17, 2011

NOTD: China Glaze Hey Sailor, Revlon Slipper and OPI Silver Shatter

Heyooo what's up? I'm pretty upset that the Giants lost to the A's of all people, but not only that, the stupid D-Bags are only a half game behind us now. I really need them to start slumping again please!! Also, what's up with Timmy?? I didn't see him pitch tonight so I don't know how well or badly he did but he's not been doing so hot as of late! I hope he gets outta this funk :/

Anywhatsits, here's a mani I did a while back sans camera! I LOVED this one and I hope you do too!

China Glaze Hey Sailor
For this mani I asked the bf what color I should do and he replied with "A retro red." Gosh I love him to pieces. This polish is the very epitome of "retro red", I mean it's called "Hey Sailor" for pete's sake and instantly reminds me of pin up girls during WWII in little sailor outfits.

For example:

All photos are the artwork of Gil Elvgren. He's my favorite!

Revlon Slipper
To rev things up after a few days I applied Revlon Slipper on top to make it pretty and glittery! Not that it wasn't pretty before, but now there's glitter! Yay! There's large hex holo glitter pieces and then tiny red and silver round glitters.

OPI Silver Shatter
And to top things off I put Silver Shatter over it. I wasn't into the whole shatter phenom at first but this silver shatter is just too gorgeous and I love it to bits. If you click the picture larger you can still see some of the holo glitter pieces coming through the shatter which looks awesome.

In all I was super in love with this mani and many customers complimented me on it. I'm actually quite interested in other colored shades for shatter, not just boring black which I'll save for a combo with orange if the Giants make it to the playoffs again :)

Anyhoosiers, I think that's it for me today, I'm super tired so I think I'll hit the hay early! Have a good Saturday! I have work all weekend, yay! Not.


  1. That red is so gorgeous~ It does really remind me of the pictures too!

  2. Just so you know, I have had a minor setback to sending your purchase. My post office has been closed and I have not been able to send it. But it will be sent first thing tmrw morning. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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