Thursday, June 23, 2011

NOTD: China Glaze Grape Juice and LA Girl Scandal and an update

Hey all, it's been a while! So for some reason, I've been in a funk and I haven't wanted to post... I don't really know why. Last week was effin terrible and while I've recovered I've been at work all this week and it's been non-stop. Not to mention my mind has been somewhere else. I tend to get like that once I become obsessed with something, like a certain song or movie... for instance I'm loving a movie called "Horsemen" (or maybe there's a "the" in there somewhere, I dunno). It stars Dennis Quaid and is about serial killers or whatever, but the thing about the movie that has me entranced is the performance of an actor named Lou Taylor Pucci, who plays Quaid's oldest son. FRIGGIN amazing acting job, I really can't get over it and I've developed quite a crush on him. It's a very haunting movie and for some reason, every review I read on it is claiming how terrible of a movie it was which seems silly, but maybe I'm weird? After all, I thought "Citizen Kane" was awful, and I love old movies. ANYWAYS, now you know why my mind is in another world.

So yes, on to the real post. This is the last of the mani's I did whilst without a camera, so the next ones you see will be my awesome idea for my untrieds.

China Glaze Grape Juice
"I want the purple stuff!" Bwahaha I love Dave Chappelle. So here's a freakin gorgeous grape purple glass fleck beauty. It was a tad sheer but covered well in three coats. Sooo sparkly and awesome.

LA Girl Scandal
I wanted to punch up the color a bit and if I moved my hands a bit in certain lights Grape Juice had a very slight pink shimmer to it so I just encouraged the pink by layering this on top of it. That's a pretty awesome run-on sentence right there. Whatevs, look how awesome this is! Eeeek so pretty! Scandal is an extremely sheer pink/lavender glass fleck color. I just layered one thin coat on top.

So yes, now I think I'll go watch that movie again since it is on Netflix instant. Lol, I usually don't watch thriller/horror movies again and again unless I really liked it, like "The Ring" and "A Tale Of Two Sisters". I'm probably the only person alive who LOVES "The Ring" (the remake) 
and thought it was scary, everyone I've talked to hated it and didn't think it was scary at all. But I read the book so yes, I think it's quite disturbing! "A Tale Of Two Sisters" is a Korean horror movie that was remade in America and I think it was called "The Uninvited"?? But I can't remember because the remake sucked.

So yes. How's Thursday going for everyone?? YAY for next Tuesday! :)

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