Monday, June 27, 2011

Nail Polish Suicide: Finger Paints Get Real-ism!

Welcome to the first installment of what I'm calling "Nail Polish Suicide" featuring all of my untrieds! Now if you're cool like me and have ever been to a karaoke bar, sometimes they have a little something called "Karaoke Suicide" which entails a person getting up to sing whatever song the DJ picks. You have no idea what song it will be but you have to try to sing it whether you know what it is or not. This inspired me to do the same with my nail polish. I have a lot of untried nail polish because since getting really obsessed with nail polish I had a lot of catching up to do and new collections are coming out all the time from every brand and I keep collecting without ever actually trying the color on!!! So as a way to eliminate hopefully many of the polishes still sitting around, I developed this theme. You're probably wondering, why I don't just pick out a new color every day? That's easy: I'm a Libra and I'm really indecisive. If I had to look at the pile of nail polish colors and try to decide which color to wear, I'd be getting no where with it. So to solve that dilemma, I wrote some of the untrieds on pieces of paper, threw them in a hat box and whichever paper I pick, that's the color I'm going to wear.

So for the first color, we have Finger Paints Get Real-ism! I got this color from my Sally's and it's gorgeous!

Finger Paints Get Real-ism!
This color is a dusty greyed out lavender with a purple-pink shimmer running throughout. It kinda looks like muck in the bottle but on the nail, it's stunning, especially when the light hits it just right and you can see the shimmer sparkle. Now for me, some FP colors are hard to work with, but this one was fine. Covered well in three coats and wasn't too thick or runny. For that, I love it! So gorgeous!

What do you guys think of my kooky idea? I'm going to keep doing it (except for when I have fun holiday/party themed nails in mind, more on that later) because I think it's fun to leave it to chance! You never know which color could be next...!!

Have a great Monday errrrrebody!

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  1. This nail polish is so pretty. I've never tried finger paints, but I see it all the time at Sallys. Btw, I awarded you with some awards over on my blog. :)


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