Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nail Mail from Cherry Culture

ZOMG they're heeeeeerrrreeeeeeeee!!! LA Girl Glitter Addicts!!! Ain't it the truth! I feel like Ke$ha... "Throw some glitter make it rain..." LOLZ. Anyways, look at the pics I gots of my new stuffs!


Top row: Synergy, Purge, Nostalgic, and Aqueous.
Bottom row: Provocative, Inspire, Eutopia, and Euphoria.

Top row: Uninhibited, Animate, Flamboyant, and Flash.
Bottom row: NYX Girls Dreamy Glitter, Enchanted Forest, and Under The Moon.

I pretty much went on a glitter binge, can you tell? I'm still missing four colors from the collection and as soon as it's complete I'll swatch it! OMG I love glitter!!!

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  1. I'm so excited to see your swatches!! I've been eyeing this line but really wanted to see them in action first.


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