Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hauls from around town

Good evening or morning, I have no idea what time it is... lol. Here's what I picked up in Half Moon Bay. The bf just moved there and I absolutely hate driving there because there's only one way to get there... okay there's like three different ways but each way consists of one lane to and from. Not to mention there's a nice hill involved and people don't know what the hell a lower gear is so they brake the entire way down the hill... ah yes, I've become my mother, the only person on the road who knows how to drive.

Anyways, this first haul here was made at Half Moon Bay Beauty Supply, a little store tucked into the town's main street (aptly named Main Street) between other little stores selling artwork like glass and furniture and kitchenware and such. I noticed it the first time I walked along that street with the bf and I vowed I'd return to see what kind of dusty treasures were hidden in there. I didn't find a whole lot but every now and then I'd pick up a black label OPI or a DS color I'd never seen before, two of which I picked up. So here's what I got!
Left to right: OPI DS Treasure, 18K Ginza Gold, Got A Date To-Knight!; China Glaze Broken Hearted.

The DS one is flippin gorgeous and I don't recall if I've ever seen it anywhere else. The Gold one is the black label one and it has secret glass fleck things going on, crazy! The other two I figured I could get a nice mani out of the pair so I went with it.

These ones I got at Lucky 99¢ Store which is, you guessed it, a 99¢ store! Yay! This store was maybe two doors away from where the bf is now working so before I went in to surprise him I stopped here to see if they had any nail polish. It was right in front when I walked in, calling to me!! So while I could have gone bonkers and purchased fifty, I settled for four since I really shouldn't be buying new colors when now I have my camera back and I can implement my new plan for my untrieds. But yes, these ones were calling to me.
Left to right: LA Colors Power Outage; Santee Sapphire Blue; Bonita Nail Enamel Turquoise and Coral Bling.

Power Outage is my first LA Colors one and I'm wearing it now (which you'll see in the next post) and it's really pretty! Not really unique but I like it :) I was really excited to see Santee there and I'll probably go get the rest of them since I really like their polish (they have some of the best glitters ever!). The Bonita ones I've never heard of and they are a little smaller in size so I hope they apply well so I can get more of those too. I love a good bargain!

Okay so hopefully I can actually listen to myself this time and not buy anything for a while. I did just order some LA Girl ones from online because they're glitter!!! So after that, no more :)


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  1. I don't think I've seen that DS either...i'm anxious to see a swatch/review.


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