Friday, June 10, 2011

EOTD: 6/10/2011

Ahhhhh Friday night, how I love thee, because I'm relaxing at home doing nothing listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers and eating mashed potatoes!! I like when I can just relax at home and do whatever I want.

Here's the look I did today. I almost wasn't going to take pictures because I didn't think it looked all that great, and when I was finished I was actually really pleased with how it came out.

Products: BE Big & Bright Eyeliner in Plum, MAC Superslick Liquid Eyeliner in Smoky Heir, BE Now liner shadow, BE Bauble e/s and BE Sweet Smile e/s. *Not pictured BE Cultured Pearl.

Sorry about the poky eyelashes, I'm having a hard time with them... I am kinda interested in something like Latisse!!! I think I really need it.

So I used Sweet Smile very softly all over the lid, then I did Cultured Pearl as my highlight. I used Now in the crease then Bauble all over that. Smoky Heir is my top liner and Plum is my bottom liner.

I blurred this one a bit so you can see the purple glitters in Sweet Smile. I <3 it!

I used Miracle blush by BE on my cheeks and Pretty Amazing in Fearless and Buxom Marissa on my lips.

So that's what I did, pretty nice I think! I'm always stuck doing purple, but I can't help it! Every eyeshadow color that I LOVE is purple... not to mention it goes really well with my eye color :) You would think it's my favorite color but it's not. I mean it is, but I have four other favorite colors too: red, orange, and pink.

Anyhoosiers! Is everyone having a lovely Friday evening? Hopefully your weekend is equally as lovely!



  1. Love it~ I really love the blush you used!! ZOMG~~ And your eyes are amazing! I wish I had colored eye like yours T_T

  2. Thanks for the tips!
    Also I was thinking of having a blog sale, what do you think? I wanted to sell of two of my Deborah Lippmann polishes and a bunch of makeup items.

  3. Woww you look gorgeous honey <3 Love the eye makeup <3
    Nice blog honey...Do check out 7 follow mine :D

  4. LOVE this look, you look absolutely AMAZING in it!! =)

  5. ooh, I love that hair color on you :D Ur workin that plum girl! An beautiful eye color too, xOXo


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