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40 Beauty Questions

Hey guys I got this from Miss Krystle over at Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow. If you haven't checked out her blog, click the link and do it now! She's got an awesome blog!!

Before we get started, I just want to talk about how upset I am that the Giants just lost in extra innings to the Diamondbacks thanks to a stupid walk-off homerun. Mind you, this happened mere seconds after Dave Flemming, my most hated commentator said "A homerun will end it for the D-Backs." Now I know he didn't actually cause the homerun to happen, but baseball consists of many superstitions and not to mention I just loathe Dave Flemming, this causes me to believe some mojo had to do with it. UGHHHHH. Well, at least we took the series, but we gotta keep it up and hopefully the D-Backs (or the Douche Bags, as I like to call them, and if anyone is reading from AZ don't take it personally :) it's just a fun baseball rivalry!) will start slumping and get beat by hotter teams! Anyway, now that I've bored you with baseball, let's get onto the questions!

Also, prepare to laugh your butts off, because I'm pretty sure some of my answers are appallingly funny.

Skin Care Questions
1) How many times do you wash your face each day? 
Um, almost never. Eeep, I'm the worst! But my skin is so sensitive, I find if I barely do anything to it it's fine. If I'm lucky I'll wash my face at night or in the shower.

2) What type of skin do you have?
Combination skin with T-Zone oiliness and very sensitive!

3) What is your current face wash?
Bare Minerals Skincare Deep Cleansing Foam or Exfoliating Treatment.

4) Do you exfoliate?
Not every day but yes.

5) What do you use to exfoliate?
Bare Minerals Skincare Exfoliating Treatment and a washcloth.

6) Do you have freckles?
Yes ma'am!

7) Do you use eye cream?
When I remember to.

8) Do you/did you have acne prone skin?
No, but every once in a while I get a pimple.

9) Did you ever use Proactiv?
No sir!

Makeup Questions
10) What foundation do you use?
Bare Minerals in Fairly Light for summer and Fair for winter.

11) Do you use concealer?
I always use Bare Minerals Well Rested under my eyes and whenever I need it for a pimple or whatever I'll use Bare Minerals Bisque, both of which are AWESOME!

12) Do you know your undertone color?
I have a neutral undertone, meaning I have both gold and rose tones (aka a nicer way of saying yellow and pink). In winter though because I'm so pale I have more of a cool.

13) What do you think of false lashes?
They're nice for special occasions or when you're trying to recreate a dramatic or extravagant look, but I don't like them for every day. Besides you're not supposed to wear them every day, the glue can rip out your natural lashes. There's a girl who works at the Starbucks in my mall who wears them every day along with her foundation that is clearly the wrong shade... ugh, honey, no.

14) Did you know you’re supposed to replace your mascara every 3 months?
I do know that, but I haven't had pink eye yet, soooo..........

15) What mascara do you use?
Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Volumizing in Black

16) Sephora or MAC?
I like Sephora because of their range of perfume and the Sephora by OPI's but if you haven't guessed yet, I really only use one brand of makeup. That being said, I prefer MAC because if I need something that BE doesn't have (like premade liquid eyeliner) I can get it at MAC for a discount because of my Pro Card.

17) Do you have a MAC pro card?
Well, I guess I answered that already, lol.

18) What makeup tools do you use for makeup application?
I use every single brush from Bare Escentuals. I'm not kidding. I have a different brush for everything. Perhaps I'll do a post on it instead of trying to list them all here, cuz there's A LOT.

19) Do you use base/primer for eyes or face?
Bare Minerals Prime Time for face and eyes.

20) Favorite eyeshadow?
I definitely don't have one favorite, I have flavors of the week, though! I don't have one this week, however, but the ones I use the most often are MAC Tissueweight and BE Soul, Cultured Pearl, and Vanilla Sugar. I use all of those as my highlight color depending on what color the rest of my eyes are.

21) Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?
I usually use either MAC Superslick Liquid Eyeliner in On The Hunt or MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack as my top liner. Sometimes if I want something soft I'll use pencil on top, and if I want a smoky eye or something dramatic I'll do pencil on the bottom, and I usually use Bare Minerals Big & Bright Eyeliner.

22) How often do you poke your eye with an eye liner pencil?
Pretty much never.

23) What do you think of pigment eye shadows?
Like the ones you get at MAC in the ginormous bottle? I love the colors and the pigment payoff, but when in the blue f--k am I going to use all that product???? So I stopped buying them.

24) Do you use mineral makeup?
Take a wild guess.

25) What is your favorite lipstick?
Bare Minerals Bavarian Creme and MAC Russian Red.

26) What is your favorite lipgloss?
Anything BUXOM!!! My favorite Buxom color is Sandy.

27) What is your favorite blush?
I have a lot, so here goes. They're all by Bare Minerals, if you couldn't guess. Glee Radiance, Fruit Cocktail, Papaya, Flowers, Escape, Pink Ribbon, to name a few. Perhaps I'll do a post on these too. Ooh, I'm getting all inspired!

28) Do you buy makeup on eBay?
Only when I need something from BE that's not made anymore, like blush that only came in a set!! Ahh!

29) Do you like drugstore makeup?
Not particularly. Not that I'm snooty or a brand whore, but I have everything I could ever need or want from BE.

30) Do you go to CCOs?
And those would be....?

31) Did you ever consider taking makeup classes?
Yes, but only for like special effects makeup.

32) Are you clumsy w/ putting on make up?
Not really, and I make it a point not to be just to prove to others who think mineral makeup is messy that it's not if you're careful.

33) Name a makeup crime you hate.
There are entirely too many!! First! Foundation that doesn't match! It's my job to find a shade to match your skin, so it really bugs me when I see a girl wearing the completely obvious wrong shade! Next! Chipped polish. I'm not even kidding. It's really unprofessional and just childish looking. I also really loathe a crapload of black pencil liner just on the bottom lashline. UGH clean up your look and figure out that all that black eyeliner is a terrible look and it makes you look like a hooker.

34) Do you like colors or neutrals?
Colors!!! I typically hate neutrals on me. If I was only allowed wear brown eyeshadow for the rest of my life I'd probably launch myself off a building.

35) Which celeb always has great makeup?
I honestly don't pay attention to celebrity's makeup because they're not the ones applying it! And it's usually something boring for the Oscars or whatever...

36) If you could leave the house using just one makeup item, what would you use? 
Mascara, but I also must have eyebrows!!!

37) Could you ever leave the house w/o any makeup?
Yeah, but I try not to. Plus I love putting it on, so very rarely when I feel extra lazy can I leave the house without it.

38) Do you think you look good w/o make up?
I have pretty good skin so I don't think I look awful, but I still like a little something on my skin.

39) What is the best makeup line?
Well, duh! If you didn't know or couldn't tell from this post, I love Bare Minerals and I work there, so of course everything I use is from there!

40) What do you think of makeup?
I of course love it! It's such a great way to show creativity and make people happy at the same time. I feel sorry for people who hate makeup or only wear one eyeshadow color for their entire life! Experiment and have fun!!!!!!!!!! Makeup is not there to defeat you, so I don't get people who think makeup was invented as some sort of test!! It's meant to be fun! Don't take it so seriously! I see women every day having the most trouble trying to decide between lipstick colors like it's the hardest decision ever! It shouldn't be this hard! Jeez.

Well that's that, feel free to copy and paste and fill out on your blog, I'd love to read everyone's answers! And sorry for the long answers, I obviously have a lot to say and like to write essays about it. LOLZ.

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