Thursday, May 26, 2011

Some Hauls...

Hi everyone, again sorry for the lack of posting, I am just really not in the mood for it without my nice camera!! But I have some lovely camera phone pictures so you can see the recent hauls I've pulled!

The biggest one was my Zoya polish exchange haul which I am only now posting, sorry!

Top row, left to right: Roxy, Yasmeen, Rihana, Valerie, Fawne, Jenine, Sweet, Happi, Meadow, Felicity, Gigi, Tiffany and Bijou.
Bottom row, left to right: Zara, Tallulah, Ivanka, Midori, Sienna, Gwin, Annie, Ginger, Calypso, Persiphony, and Clara.

Man, that's a lot of polish! If you notice, I got lots of bright, fun summery colors!! I loooove all the orange colors I got, I adore orange nail polish!!

The Nars polishes I received from, the Nina and Orly I got at Sally's and the OPI's were from Pure Beauty.

Left to right: Nars Orgasm, Purple Rain and Poker Face; Nina Ultra Pro Purple-Xing; Orly Here Comes Trouble; OPI Black Shatter, Silver Shatter, Mermaid's Tears, Stranger Tides, Planks A Lot, and Sparrow Me The Drama.

I was the MOST excited to get Nars Poker Face, but Orgasm was the first one I slapped on and I loved it! I'll try it again once I get the camera back to show you lovely pictures! And I finally cracked (PUN INTENDED) and got the black and silver shatter. In all honesty I probably won't use them too much, maybe once in a while if I feel creative but we'll see.

These last ones I got at ULTA, three of them on clearance! Woot!

Left to right: ULTA Professional Underground and Urban Jungle; Nicole by OPI Nicole... Spotted!; Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat Cherry Smash.

I got the ULTA ones on clearance marked down from $7.50 to $3.75 for Underground and $1.99 for Urban Jungle!!! And for the Nicole it was marked down from $7.99 to $1.99!!!! I also had a 20% off coupon which I had hoped to use on fragrance (CK One Summer!!! <3 it!) but alas it wasn't valid for fragrance, so I just used it on the Sally Hansen crackle, which I only got because it's named "Cherry Smash", lololol I love cherries!

So that's all I have to show you, I'm going to try to not drown myself in the bathtub because my Giants lost again tonight in a really close game!!! Ugggghhhh I hate the Marlins! Those jerks... But anyway, I'm watching "Anastasia" on Netflix... no, not the animated one (although I LOVE that movie) but the older version with Ingrid Bergman... I love old movies!! Hope everyone has a good tomorrow...



  1. Wow amazing Nail polish haul! It is quite insane!! Nit awesome of course~

  2. Wow you got quite a few really good ones!!


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