Friday, May 6, 2011

Random swatches including L'oreal, Cover Girl, OPI, NYC, and Le Chat

Hey errrebody how's your Friday? I'm über bored at home, but it's for the best! I need to stop going out every weekend and drinking so much beer... better on my wallet and beer belly! I need to get rid of that thing fast or else I'm going to get someone coming up to me asking when I'm due... ugggghhhh. I'm also extremely frustrated with my Giants right now, their offense isn't doing so hot! We can't get any runs and everyone of value is freakin injured. FML!!!!!!

So anywhatsits, here are some random old nail polishes that are from my giant nail polish "inheritance".

L'oreal Bijou Gems B. Vibrant
Man I love me some orange nail polish. This one is great, although I don't know if I necessarily need it since I already have so many great oranges. But I'll still probably keep it.

OPI Melon Of Troy
Feast your eyes on the only nail polish shade that looks terrible on me. I'm the kind of person who couldn't care less if something is the right/wrong tone for my skin, I just wear whatever I like and makes me happy. This color is the very antithesis of that. It's a frosty nightmare and the color just looks matronly. BUT even my bf's mom hates this color and she's in her sixties. So basically, the worst color ever in everdom.

Cover Girl Nailslicks Winelighting over OPI Melon Of Troy
I wanted to see how this polish looked over the god-awful-ness of Melon Of Troy and it's better but I'm not keeping Melon Of Troy just for this. I love Winelighting though, I remember wearing this in high school!

Cover Girl Continuous Color Gold-Mine
I don't understand the hyphen. Hey look! Another awful polish! So frosty and streaky... ughh. The color isn't bad, it reminds me of champagne or something, but whyyy does it have to be frosty??? YUCK.

Cover Girl Nailslicks Winelighting over Cover Girl Continuous Color Gold-Mine
Well, that's a little better. I may consider keeping Gold-Mine because as I said I like the color, I just hate the frosty finish, but it looks nice with Winelighting over it, more like pink champagne now!

NYC 107A
This one is pretty unique looking! It's a light purple with an abundance of silver glitter throughout.  I thought it was going to be terrible because there's a gross-looking stain or something on the bottom and back side of the bottle which you can kinda see near the bottom of the bottle if you click to enlarge. It kinda looks like mold? Well it doesn't matter because the polish applied nicely and the color is still intact. Loving this one!

Le Chat Purple Passion
Obvi this is horribly photoshopped but it shows the true color better. Another frosty one, but this one I don't mind as much since it looks more metallic on the nail, I guess?? Whatevs it's a gorgeous purple but the cap sucks! It's awful for application because it's short and stubby and oddly shaped.

So there you go, old polishes yeah! My Giants are behind right now. No runs, of course! KILLIN ME SMALLS.

In case you were wondering, the Stone Temple Pilots and Static-X stations I created on Pandora are awesome. Represent.



  1. pretty =3!
    I love the first one. Its bright and awesome!

  2. YA! Orange always makes me smile! :D

  3. le chat looks gorgeous, i love purple :-D


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