Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hot Topic Nail Polishes

Hello hello one and all, it's been a long weekend for me! Haha, well I had Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off! So natch I didn't have a chance to post anything, so here comes a big ole collection of posts. We'll start with some oooolllldddd Hot Topic polishes that my sister gave me.

Hot Topic Blue Star Polish
I dunno if that's its actual name, but it does say that on the label on the back. These are ancient! I haven't seen anything like these in Hot Topic ever, but like I said my sister gave me these. This one is awful! It's so sheer. I think this is three coats. I did try layering it, but it still looked so plain, not like the Creative Nail Design Plum Puckered Out, now that looks amazing!

Hot Topic Red Star Polish
This one didn't have a label on the back, but considering how the Blue one was named, I just made this one up to match. Anyway, you can't really tell in the photo (or maybe you can) but this color is flippin' gorgeous! It's very glowy and rich, and while there are probably 243871097378 reds like this, I still love it! I'm definitely keeping this one.

Yay for old polish! Haha. And YAY for the SHARKS! OMG they're only one game away from moving on the next round!! Ack I hope they keep it up! Anyone else watching hockey? Or baseball?? Go Giants! They won today too! Yay!!



  1. The first one looks very pretty in the bottle, but it is quite sheer. But the second one is sooo gorgeous~! I have never seen these at HT, and I have been going there for a long time.

  2. I hate when colors are so misleading in the bottle! Maybe I'll try layering that one again with blue?


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