Friday, May 6, 2011

A Haul and Some Pictures!

So this will probably be my last one for the night since, like I said, I have to get up early tomorrow and I want to get more that 6 hours of sleep... errrk... BUT that probably won't happen since I just now discovered that Cat On A Hot Tin Roof is on Netflix Instant Watch!!! That's right!! One of my favorite movies ever, I just love Paul Newman and Liz Taylor to bits!! Fun fact: the movie was supposed to be shot in black and white but the studio changed it to Technicolor to highlight Newman's baby blue eyes and Taylor's violet ones. And you sure do get an eyeful of both! (Pun intended.)

Elizabeth Taylor in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

Paul Newman in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

GAH they're both incredibly gorgeous and good-looking. Now on to the real post...

A mini haul from my mall, from Forever 21 and Pure Beauty.

From left to right: Love & Beauty Pink, Clear/Silver, and Dusty Blue; OPI Femme De Cirque mini set including I Juggle...Men, So Many Clowns...So Little Time, In The Spot-Light Pink, and Step Right Up!

I looked online out of curiosity for the nail polishes I picked up and they had names (kinda) for the Love & Beauty ones! Unfortunately I couldn't find the pink one on the website since it's hard to tell which pink it is among ten different pinks (this one has gorgeous purple shimmer!) and the sku's don't match. But for the Clear/Silver, on the website they list it as "Glamorous Glitter" and they aren't kidding. It should be named "Insane Glitter" because there's a TON of holo glitter. For the Dusty Blue they list it as "Sunlit Waves" and I love that name! So appropriate. I saw this and immediately had to have it ever since I saw it on Yacking about Lacquer's blog (aren't her nails gorgeous?) and I happened to find it at my local Forever 21.

For the OPI ones, I honestly wasn't planning on getting these except for maybe I Juggle...Men but Pure Beauty happened to have this nifty little set of minis for $12.50 which is a bargain in my opinion for sheer colors that I probably won't really use anyway, but they're definitely nice to have for those random days when I do fancy a French mani on myself. I'll probably end up picking up the full size of I Juggle...Men at a later time.

Okay, so now it's sleep time. I need a ridiculous amount of sleep to function the next day (no I don't I'm just saying that, I'm perfectly hyper even after only 4 fours of sleep, but I do love to sleep.) My bf always says if sleeping were an Olympic sport, I'd have 50 gold medals. LOLZ. Good night moon!



  1. I love the F21 nail polishes. They are quite amazing, specially for the price. I hope you enjoy them.

  2. it is China Glaze 'Sun Worshiper' :)

  3. OH SNAP I have that one, I should wear it right now! Ooh on my toes!


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