Thursday, May 5, 2011

Essie Burmese Ruby and Glamour Do

Here's a couple of old polishes from who knows where. Probably one from the lady my mom used to go to to get her nails done, and the other I found in the linen closet lol. Here's what they look like!

Essie Burmese Ruby
So this one probably came from a dusty rack in the nail salon because it's an old bottle. But the color is still lovely as ever! You can see the little gold shimmers in the bottle, and while it's not as prominent on the nail, it still gives a lovely glowing ember kind of look to the polish. This was two coats.

Essie Glamour Do
This one I happened to find in the linen closet so I swooped in on it to try it, and even though I'm not a huge fan of sheers, I rather like this! I love how soft, squishy and feminine it looks. I probably wouldn't wear it alone (unless that was the look I was going for) so I'd use it for a French, definitely. I don't have many colors like this, so I'd like to hang on to it, especially since it was free and the formula was nice.

Thanks for reading! More to come...



  1. Ahhh the red is so pretty :D It looks like Christmas in a bottle.

  2. Ooh good idea, it is very festive!


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