Saturday, May 7, 2011

EOTD: 4/21/2011

Good evening and happy Saturday night! Hopefully everyone is having a fun, safe Saturday night. I am home alone watching MLB Network and yelling at Andre Eithier every time they show him on tv (he's a Dodger BOOOOOOOO) and so excited because the Giants won again against the Rockies! OOH I hope they win tomorrow, that would be awesome! And I hope the Sharks win tomorrow too!! YAY SPORTS AGAIN! Btw, Diet Crush Orange is freakin delicious if you are looking for a good diet soda without the gross taste!

Here's a look from a couple weeks ago, I really like it! But of course, I love purple shadow :)

Products: Coastal Scents Ultra Shimmer palette starred colors, BE Thoughtful e/s and BE Spellbound e/s

I used Thoughtful on the inner corner first, then CS shadow no. 2 all over the lid with CS shadow no. 3 blended in the crease. I used Spellbound as my highlight and applied CS shadow no. 1 to the inner crease. Lastly I used Blacktrack to line.

I love this picture, my hair looks flippin fabulous!

Zomg I love the VW commercial where the little blonde boy is trying to bust the car pi├▒ata!! He's trying so hard, aww... and then the adult comes in with his sissy swings... I've seen better swings on a porch!! Haha. Anyway, I have another clothing haul for you, Macy's was having a sale so I got some more cute dresses! Haha I think I'm set for the summer for dresses!



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