Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dresses from Macy's

Yo yo, here are some super cute dresses I got on sale from Macy's today! I like the dresses from Macy's better than ones from Forever 21, they're made better and fit me better, I feel like all Forever 21's stuff is for super skinny people or girls who don't have ample chests. Anyway, got some more summer dresses and I think I'm ready!

Be Bop
Another nice black front zipper dress from Be Bop, this one has cap sleeves though and no pockets :( But I still like it a lot!

Planet Gold
These next ones are from a brand called Planet Gold and they're just really simple knit dresses with a tie in the back. I love simple, staple pieces like these so I usually get them in a few different colors. The first one is black of course for work.

Planet Gold
This color is more of a greyed navy than the picture is showing, it's really a nice and unexpected color, but I don't have another dress this color so I added it to my collection.

Planet Gold
This picture shows the purple color pretty true, it's very much a grape purple. I love to wear purple, so natch I had to get this one.

Planet Gold
I also adore stripes and grey, so this was a good pick. There was another striped one but it was white with a black stripe and I just like the soft grey color of this one better.

Planet Gold
Here you can see the tie in the back.

Be Bop
The last one from Be Bop is my favorite from today, it's incredibly cute on. If you enlarge you may be able to see the adorable ruffle around the top. And the color is pretty true, maybe it's not that bright in real life but it's a rich turquoise/teal color.

And sorry for all the crappy quality pictures of late, my stepmom needed to use the good camera for work and that's what I usually use to take pictures, so lately I've had to use my camera phone. Hopefully she's done with it soon, it's been like a week or so! I miss it :(

I hope everyone has a good Mother's Day tomorrow! I'm not a mom (unless you count my cats) but I have to work anyways... :(


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