Thursday, May 5, 2011

Comparison: OPI At Your Quebec And Call vs. Borghese Euro Green

I loved OPI's At Your Quebec And Call for the longest time and wanted it so bad! When I finally got it, however, since it's black label it was very water and sheer and even though I loved the color, I think I'm leaning towards giving it up, especially since I found a pretty good dupe in Borghese Euro Green. Check them out!

OPI At Your Quebec And Call on top
Borghese Euro Green on bottom

Borghese Euro Green on left 
OPI At Your Quebec And Call on right

Borghese Euro Green with matte topcoat

Pretty close right? Both have that gorgeous olive green/gold shimmer and both glow like crazy. I did three coats of OPI and two of Borghese. Because Borghese is easier to find and I managed two coats rather than three, you can guess which one I like better, especially since it's free of all those nasty chemicals. And of course, I threw China Glaze Matte Magic topcoat over it to see how it looked and it's gorgeous, natch! It looks like a patina, so pretty.

Have you tried OPI's discontinued shade? Do you like weird olive tones on your nails? I do!

I keep thinking it's Friday night, ugh. I need to get to bed soon since I have to wake up early for work tomorrow... bleh. Have a good night!


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