Monday, May 16, 2011

CK One Summer 2011 Review

Hey guys, sorry it's been so long since a post, but I'm still without a camera. Sad times. So here's a review on Calvin Klein's One Summer fragrance for this year! I was walking in Macy's trying to find this year's Burberry Summer and this bottle caught my eye.

OMG it's so bright and colorful!!! <3 So if you're not aware, CK One fragrances are unisex, which is why it's called "One" because "one fragrance to rule them all..." no wait that's a different story. Anyways, the bottle drew me in, as it happens with most fragrances with me (OOH SHINY) but it also helps when the fragrance actually smells good too and isn't just a pretty bottle. says about CK One Summer: "CK One Summer limited edition for 2011 is an aromatic citrus, refreshingly clean scent, suitable for both sexes. It captures the energy of dance beach parties with its vivid aromas. Opening with notes of citruses, tangerine, melon and aquatic ferns, the composition develops into the heart of lemon, ocean accord, blue freesia, verbena and rhubarb, settling at the base of incense, cedar, musk and peach. The iconic CK One bottle is painted in intensive blue, red and yellow shades. The fragrance is available as 100 ml EDT." The opening notes of citrus is pretty strong but not undesirable, it smells incredibly fresh. There is a very slight musky, masculine smell to it which I find irresistible. It screams summer beach bonfires to me. And I NEED to have it. Mainly because it's limited edition, but also because I lurrrves it.

I also did a great EOTD today inspired by the bottle! But of course, I am sans camera so you shall have to wait to see it...

Hope everyone has a great week! Hopefully I can get things up and running again once I get the camera back, I've got a great idea for all my nail polish untrieds...



  1. LOL! One ring to rule them all! Love it~
    I love CK one, the original one. The bottle looks so cool!
    And yeah it was at Shoreline. I was scared that it was going to rain, but thank god it didn't. It was still pretty chilly though! And when we passed through Davis, CA, it was hailing like crazy! It was hailing so hard that it actually hurt really bad. The concert was amazing. Hope you have fun at the concert on Wed. I would be so excited if I was you!

  2. I love this scent. Apparently they changed the packaging. I like the bottle a lot now. My bottle is plain ol' orange.


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