Sunday, April 17, 2011

TOTD: China Glaze Breakin'

Well here is another shot of my lovely toesies! Of course, it being baseball season, I always wear orange on my toes. I have black flip flops, you see. So it's my way of sporting black and orange for my favorite boys! They lost today, unfortunately, to the Diamondbacks! Ugh! They're in last place! Blergh, whatevs. Tomorrow is a brand new ball game (literally, heh) and my husband, Tim Lincecum is pitching! Whoo!!! Goooo Timmyyy!!

China Glaze Breakin'
In the past I had maybe two orange polishes, and one wasn't really orange, it was more coral, but that's not the point. The point is that now I've become so obsessed with nail polish, it's my duty to find gorgeous shades of orange so I can cycle through them during the season, and here's one of them! I love this juicy shade, it looks like a real orange peel! Yum yum, I love the color and the fruit. And the bit of shimmer keeps it interesting, so beautiful! Perhaps if we make the post-season again in October, you'll see this shade again on my tips.


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