Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sally Haul

I had to stop by Sally's tonight for hair color anyway, so I picked up some nice new nail colors! I only have two Finger Paints nail colors, and one of them I absolutely hate because the formula is abominable and the other I have yet to try. So hopefully these are better! And Sally Girl comes in teeny tiny bottles (I think they're meant for little girls who want to play dress-up) but they're only 99 cents so why not? If they suck, no big loss; if they're awesome, then my wallet won't hate me if I own all of them! Not to mention Finger Paints and Sally Girl were both "Buy 2, get 1 free".

Sally Girl Green, Glam, Amped; Finger Paints Dahlia My Number, Easel-y Entertained, Get Real-ism!; OPI Didgeridoo Your Nails?

Okay obviously the OPI isn't from Sally's, I had to stop at Peninsula Beauty first to see if they had the color for hair color that I wanted, but alas, neither place carries it. So I picked up Didgeridoo because that was one of the colors that broke in my fiasco. Oddly enough, it looks different... hmm. Anyway, I always need orange nail color, so naturally I got Dahlia and Amped is a neon! Yay! I love that name, Dahlia. I'd consider naming my daughter Dahlia if I ever have kids, along with Coraline. And I have to say, I get the theme of naming your nail polishes with art puns but some of them are so terrible (not saying other brands are any better... OPI...) that it kind of turns me off. Well in any case I got Get Real-ism because I love that type of purple (kinda reminds me of a lighter Paradoxal???) and Easel-y is such a pretty blurple glitter! Sally Girl Green is so original... but it looks ab fab in the bottle. Glam kinda reminds me of OPI Senorita Rose-alita but better!

Right now my fingers are raw! I'll tell you why later if this stuff I'm working on works!!!!



  1. I have Glam and Easel....I've only swatched Easel, but I love Glam....I have to stay away from Sally Girl, though, I wish they came in bigger bottles!

  2. Yeah, it kinda sucks the bottles are so tiny, but 99 cents is always a welcome price!


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