Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Revlon Swatches

Heyooooooooo I played hooky today. I didn't mean to call in sick today but I felt an overwhelming need to sleep in lol. I also feel the need to post some more stuff! AND! I'm gonna try to make some friendship bracelets today... yes yes, I'm a nerd. OH AND! The Giants won yesterday! Whooo! I love Tim Lincecum, we're getting married, it's not a big deal... He almost had a no-hitter! MAN! I love baseball, I can't wait to watch the game later, hopefully we don't get murdered by Ubaldo Jimenez...

Anywagers, here's a look at some olllldddd Revlon nail colors that I found a couple months ago. You will notice two themes; one, I used to only wear red nail polish (I was still am super cool punk rock/rockabilly girl number one) and two, I love cherries, so sometimes I only buy a nail color if the word "cherry" is in the name... haha.

Revlon Enchanted Cherry
This is a great cherry red with sparkle. I may or may not keep this, depending on whether I have something similar. It's really beautiful though, would be great for holidays! 

Revlon Cherry Crush
Another great cherry red, this one with shimmer. Nothing special about this, most likely have something similar, but it is nice on the nail.

Revlon Cherries In The Snow
A gorgeous true cherry red cream. I say "true" because the color cherry usually has a hint of pink to it, and this color does. Again, I don't know yet if I'll keep this one, I probably have something similar!!

Revlon Valentine
Ooooh baby, this one makes me think of Valentines (of course) and vampires. Delicious blood red color but it was really watery and sheer, but I'm still going to keep it because I love the color and the name.

Revlon Revlon Red
This is a true red cream. Maybe a little bit of orange but for the most part, pretty neutral. Obvi not original at all and it was a bit thick.

Revlon Va Va Va Bloom
Oh jeez I hate this name. Three too many "Va's". Lol. It's too bad too because I love this color. At first, in the bottle, I thought this would be an easy throw away but in taking pictures and editing them, I noticed a SUPER DUPER secret shimmer! I don't think I even knew that was there when I first got it. But it's gorgeous! It is unfortunately a really drastic hidden shimmer, but maybe layering will bring it out?

Revlon Lily Chrome
Eh... I'm not really into this, I'm sure with top coat it would be crazy shiny, but this did have terrible brush strokes. I think any "chrome" or metallic like this would be plagued with brush strokes but a tiny brush and thick formula doesn't help. Can anyone recommend a better silver metallic?

Revlon Tidal Wave
Oh man, this thing is friggen beautiful, but man it needs thinner. I have to look through my stash to see if I can keep this baby or if I have something better, because if not, it's staying with me.

Revlon Mystical
This is a beautiful sapphire duochrome that shifts to violet-pink. I tried getting it to show up in pictures, but it didn't want to. It probably doesn't help either that I do my nails at night. It might show up in the sun, so at a later date I'll use this color again, hopefully during the day.

Revlon Mystical

Revlon Mystical

Revlon Mystical

Well there you have some nice old nail colors! I'll probably keep the weirder colors and even though I love red nail polish, I can get these same reds with a better formula and brush.


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  1. Do you have any idea where I can get more Mystical? I'm running out!!!!


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