Thursday, April 28, 2011

Random facts about me

I found this over at Also Known As and goodness knows I love filling these things out. Back in the myspace heyday I filled one of these out almost every day... good times. LOL just think of the day you'll be telling your grandkids about "myspace"... oh jeez, it's like a tape cassette now. Anyways, have fun reading more random crap about me and feel free to fill this out for your own blog! I love reading these things almost as much as I love filling them out :)

What is your dream job?
Working as a makeup artist to the stars and for fashion shows. I would also love to start my own band but I can't play anything and while I can sing pretty well, I can't write lyrics. D'oh.

What is your fragrance for winter?
Anything warm and musky, like oriental florals. I was really into Coach Poppy and Flora by Gucci, and also Twilight Woods and Sensual Amber from Bath And Body Works.

How do you like your tea/coffee?
I don't really like coffee. I love the smell of coffee and I LOVE tiramisu but I don't relish drinking coffee. For tea, it depends on what kind of tea it is, but usually I'll take some milk/cream and honey or just honey and lemon.

What is your most important beauty secret?EYE DROPS! No joke, if you can make the whites of your eyes appear whiter and brighter, you will look younger, fresher and more awake! Also, and this is something I need to do, whitening your teeth! Yellowish teeth, not so pretty...

If you had an all-expenses paid vacation, where would you go?
Hmm, probably Ireland. Seeing as I'm Irish (amongst other things) I should probably visit one of my homelands LOL plus I'd love to attempt a pub crawl... haha that would take forever.

If a genie popped up in your lap right now and offered you three wishes, what would they be?
I wish for you to get off my lap! Anyways, I dunno! I guess I would wish for the Dodgers and the Yankees to all fall off a cliff (just kidding... right?). I'd wish for a new car, a house and a constant, endless supply of all the makeup and nail polish and perfume I could ever want! Or lifetime season tickets for the Giants :)

If you could only have breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert foods for the rest of your life, which would you pick?
Breakfast! I love cereal, eggs, bacon, pancakes, oatmeal, waffles, hash browns, bagels, milk, orange juice, toast - EVERYTHING! Man I could really go for egg mcmuffin or whatever right about now.

If you were Hello Kitty, what color hairbow would you wear?
Hmm, plain old boring red? It's my favorite color, besides pink, orange and purple. OH WAIT! Leopard print! Or polka dots? Or plaid!

What is your biggest make-up pet peeve?
I HAVE SEEN IT ALL. Working at a makeup store, you see a lot of crazies out there. Sharpie eyebrows, a lot of black eyeliner just on the bottom lash line and it looks like it's been there for a week! Foundation that's the completely wrong color because that person wanted to be lighter or darker than she actually is... Brown lip liner alone or with terrible frosty pink lip stick... the list goes on. It also bothers me when people pronounce things wrong... like when people say "matt-ay" for "matte" or "fox" for "faux"... ugh.

If you could only wear one piece of jewelry for the rest of your life, what would it be?
My monroe piercing :) I've also been wearing my puzzle ring for quite a while.

What one talent do you wish you had?
I wish I could draw better so I could come up with my own tattoo designs. I also wish I could cook/bake better!

Which product will you continue to repurchase?
Well besides any Bare Minerals products (because I work there, duh!) I will always purchase OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover! It's my favorite nail polish remover EVER! And the Almay Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover pads are my favorite!

If you could look into the future, would you? And what would you like to know?
The only thing I want to know is if my dad will still be around by the time I get married (if I ever do). I don't care about anything else, I just want to know that my dad is going to be there to walk me down the aisle.

Who is your biggest celebrity crush? (include pictures)
Oh jeez, you're opening up a can o' worms here. Okay okay, I'll keep it to two.

 Scarlett Johansson

Tim Lincecum

What made you start a blog?
Well, it's gonna sound stupid, but everyone else had one, and I like showing off makeup and nails and I'd like to consider myself creative, so it's just another creative outlet, not to mention an awesome way to make new friends! Haha sorry to get mushy on you, but it's true!
If you feel so inclined to do your own, please do! I will read it with my joy and rapture :)

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