Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Perry Ellis 18 for Women Review

Haven't done a perfume review in a while, and I just spritzed this one on earlier today so I got inspired! Today I've got Perry Ellis 18. I got this at Perfumania at my mall for a really good price, I think it was like 30% off or something.

Perry Ellis 18
The bottle is an odd shape but I love the soft metallic pink color and it feels very weighty in my hand. The girl at the store told me she liked this better than Versace Bright Crystal (even though I got both anyway) but they don't seem similar to me. This one actually reminds me a lot of DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom, but I think Fresh Blossom is a little bit muskier. says this about 18: "A new interpretation of the classic 360° Perry Ellis for women fragrance, Perry Ellis 18 for women exudes a soft feminine feeling with a 
delectable fruity twist. Top notes include raspberry mojito & frozen pear. Mid notes include nymphea & pink orchid. Base notes include vanilla & sandalwood." As I've said before, I love a fruity, floral smell mixed with some muskier scents such as vanilla and sandalwood, so this perfume is perfect for me! I might even like this better than Fresh Blossom, especially since I can get 18 for a much better price and a bigger size!


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