Tuesday, April 5, 2011

NOTD: 3/25/2011 Barielle Falling Star

If you've ever seen any swatches whatsoever of Barielle nail colors, you may have seen this next beaut. If not, then here it is without further ado, because really, it needs no introduction!

Barielle Falling Star
WOWZA this polish kicks likewhoa. I was lusting for it for the longest time and once I had it on my nails, it did not disappoint! Barielle's website describes Falling Star as a "marine blue with gold glitter". I like the marine blue part, but the glitter is more like copper. It doesn't really matter because the way it's suspended in the base and contrasts the blue is utterly amazing. Compliments galore! And several people asking what it is and where they can get it. Love it!


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  1. Did you order it online or buy it in a store? I live in the Bay Area too and I'm DYING to get my hands on some!


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