Monday, April 4, 2011

NOTD: 3/22/2011 LA Splash Pretty Jellyfish

ZOMG this color is amazing!!! I know everyone on the internet LOVES LA Splash Golden Seahorse (my swatch of it here) but what happened to all the other awesome colors?! Well, here's one, Pretty Jellyfish!!!

LA Splash Pretty Jellyfish
I gotta tell ya, I received instant compliments with this beauty!! It's a gorgeous shimmering lilac pink base packed with tiny round purple and silvery-blue glitter. It's a bit sheer at first but I think I did like 3 or 4 coats to get this opacity. I'm so excited for this weekend because I have a 20% off coupon for ULTA, so I'm planning on using that to get more of these amazing nail colors from LA Splash! I also want to check out their loose glitters because I saw another blogger using them for various nail art and gradients! So stoked.


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