Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Tattoos

Don't get me wrong, I love working for Bare Escentuals (most of the time) but they REALLY need to get rid of this "no visible tattoos" thing. I'm pretty sure the heavily tattooed girl at MAC with pink hair and facial piercings isn't really going to stop anyone from going in there and asking her for help. It really bugs me that tattoos are so taboo in the workplace. Because I have tattoos and love seeing them on myself and others, I don't judge anyone who has visible tattoos. If anything, if I saw a girl at a makeup counter with cool tattoos, I'd probably make a beeline for her because I automatically know I'd have something in common with her. Unless she's one of those people who thinks her tattoos are far superior and give you attitude. I understand that there are some people who just don't understand the fascination with tattoos and therefore don't really care for them, but, just like with any person, it's not fair to pass judgment solely based on how someone looks. The most heavily tattooed and pierced person could be the richest and most successful person in the world!! And a lot are!! Granted, most of them are rock stars, rappers, athletes, even world-famous chefs, but they had to come from somewhere! With that being said, I feel like I'd have to become famous if people are going to accept me in my line of work with tattoos. Ugh. Why are they so taboo?! I can understand if someone has a big ole penis tattoo on their arm (gross) but then again why should that person be forced to censor themselves? That's what the like and what they wanted on their arm (or they lost a bet...). I always say what if my religion required me to constantly get new tattoos? Would I be persecuted then? Probably. Heh. I dunno, but I think there's some random statistic out there (or I'm making this up) saying like 80% of Americans within the next couple of decades will have at least one or two tattoos. Heck, my mom has one, and she's 50! (It's a penguin on her ankle, she loves penguins). Well, anywhatsits, I wanted to show off some of my tattoos.

My most recent tattoo.

My idea for this was "the key to my heart". There's supposed to be a keyhole in the middle but somehow it was forgotten. I still love it. The rose is of course to represent love, not to mention I love old school rose tattoos.

Look at the leaves!! So detailed! I love the bits missing out of the leaves, so they're not just perfect leaves, they have character and depth!

A close-up of the heart on the key. You can see a bit of bruising there (these are pics taken hours after getting it done) and boy, let me tell you, that part on the inner elbow hurts like a bitch!! Needless to say, my toes were sweating.

Bobby pin. The idea for this is that if you didn't actually have the key, you were trying to pick the lock with a bobby pin, and obviously it wasn't working ;)

Butterfly! I knew I wanted a butterfly because they're pretty and girly but also because they symbolize a new life, a new beginning. And of course, as a tribute to my boys, the Giants, the butterfly is orange and black! Look how delicate the antennae are!!

This cherry (along with the one on my other wrist) were my very first tattoos when I was 18! I wanted something small and simple, so if I wanted to add to it later I could, and if I chose not to, no big loss.

This is the other cherry, once I added on to it. I wanted to add the bow along with the lyrics "Do not open before Christmas" but it wouldn't fit :( If you really wanna know, the song is "Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued" by Fall Out Boy and the full lyrics go "The ribbon on my wrist says 'Do not open before Christmas.'" It's kinda emo but I love FOB and I loved the idea of the tattoo. I loved that it's not an obvious FOB tattoo like some other ones I've seen. Oh well.

Two rose outlines. I wanted the old school rose tattoo (I said I loved them!) actually to be outlined in red (which apparently my tattoo artist couldn't do???) but I settled for black. The reason I wanted them to only be outlined and not shaded and colored and whatnot is just because it's different. Lots of girls get rose tattoos, so to be different I just got outlines. Maybe one day I color them in, but I highly doubt that. If anything I'll add more rose outlines (and this time include red!) along with outlines of butterflies and bumble bees!

I also have two sparrows on my upper back but I can't seem to find those pictures! And I know I have them... oh well, at a later date then. 

Well, what say you, internet? Against visible tats in the work place? Don't care? Have some yourself that you wanna share with me? Please do!!!



  1. I'm so drawn to your tattoos.. they are so beautiful. I'm sure it took a lot of time to get them inked. I have two little ones and was thinking of getting more in the future :)

  2. They are definitely addicting... I started with two little ones and they are expanding! But I always knew I wanted lots of tattoos, so it worked out :)


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