Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Tattoos Part Deux

So I already showed my other tats, and these were the ones left out because I couldn't find their pictures. I had to take new ones and they're not the best quality because they're on my back so I had to shoot them in the mirror. But here they are, my sparrows!

Blue sparrow, left.

 Pink sparrow, right.

So I got these guys because I love old school tattoos, and if you're gonna get old school tats, then sparrows are a must. Unfortunately that doesn't make sparrow tattoos all the unique, but I threw my own twist in by adding the cherries (of course) and making them different colors. I honestly didn't have them planned that way. I was just going to let the tattoo artist do whatever, but somehow I felt like they needed to be pink and blue for whatever reason. Turned out pretty good, actually! I love them so much! I kind of hate that they're on my back, because then I never get to see them! But it's alright, I don't regret getting them there, I love 'em! I'll probably add on around them in the future when I decide what to put, but for now, they're alone but happy!

Show me your tats!


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