Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Maybelline Swatches

Okay, before I go into this post, can I just rant for a sec? I don't get Pandora. I mean, I get the idea of Pandora, but I think I'm doing it wrong. I set up a Katy Perry station and now I'm listening to Nickelback???? Wtf happened? I don't get how this works. Where did Nickelback come from? I don't dislike Nickelback but I wanted to listen to "E.T." dammit! The only reason I'm listening to Pandora is because I left my phone at work so I can't listen to my music and so this is just an alternative. Eff this, I'm just gonna make a STP station or something and hope for awesome grunge music. YAY 90's!

So yes, now that I've discussed what needed to be discussed, here are some swatches from the nail polish inheritance of Maybelline colors.

Maybelline Cherry On
Haha another polish with the word "cherry" in the name. Great color, but do I need it? Probably not. Will I keep it though, just for the name? Probably. :) 

Maybelline Cherry Carats
Hmm, this one is a tough one. I love the color and name of course, but it's a little sheer. Perhaps if I layered it, or did another coat? Even then, is it that unique? I'll have to check.

Maybelline Pink Splash
Like, the ONE pink polish I had during my punk phase... Lol it's a nice one though. But do I need this, is it unique? Probably not, but wait!

Maybelline Pink Splash matte
Ohh baby, I love me some matte top coat. It looks like cotton candy or something. I especially love using the matte top coat over a color with shimmer, it makes it so special. I may keep this just because of how it looks matte.

Maybelline Spiced Cider
DEAR LORD what was I thinking with this color?! So terrible. I dislike browns on me, and this one even has a touch of rose to it, making matters worse. Ugh, tossing promptly!

Maybelline Twinkling Turquoise
I can see why I was drawn to this color when I was younger, but now I have seen so many versions of this color, and better versions, so I'm probably passing on this one.

Maybelline Twinkling Turquoise matte
And here's how it looks matte. It definitely looks better, but not worth keeping, like Pink Splash. It almost looks frosty now. Eh, just not enamored with it like I used to be.

So there are some Maybelline blasts-from-the-past!

And just in case you're wondering, this STP station is SUPER AWESOME. Started with "Sex Type Thing", then Alice In Chains "Man In The Box", then Soundgarden "Spoonman", and now Nirvana "In Bloom". I LOVE 90's alternative music!! What's your favorite genre??


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