Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hair Updated

So last week or so I was coloring my hair and I thought it would be nice to show the results on here! I did go to school briefly for cosmetology but since I hated doing hair I stopped going and went to school for esthetics instead, which I liked waaaaaay better. But I still do my own hair even though I hate it and am terrible at it because I just don't want to pay to have it done when I can easily do it myself even though I hate it! "Just so you can make a name for yourself as an investigatory journalist..." Haha oh Zoolander... anyways.

So I started off with a couple foils. I bleached some sections but I did a really craptastic job, so towards the scalp it's super blonde and towards the end it's still kinda dark, but I honestly didn't care lol.

Before, with blonde highlights:

So I left the foils on for like 20 minutes or however long it took for my hair to lighten sufficiently. Then I washed it out and used a blow dryer to dry it faster so I could put the purple in. That's why my hair looks ultra damaged and awesome.

The bf actually liked it blonde... he suddenly likes blondes... but I don't really care for it, especially when I did a crap job! If they were professionally done I might like it, but my colorful personality calls for COLOR in my hair, not just boring highlights...

Aaaaand I only did the front section of my hair, so this picture looks ultra crappy. But I wasn't about to try to get foils on the hair in the back of my head and purple was going over it anyway so now I don't think you can tell a difference.

After, with purple highlights:
OHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAH. Wtf is my arm doing?

So I used Manic Panic Ultra Violet. Last time I used Purple Haze, and I like both, but I think I like Purple Haze better. Purple Haze definitely looked more purple and when it faded it turned a nice purpleish pink color. Obviously I don't know how Ultra Violet will fade but hopefully it's nice. The bf said this color kinda looks grey?? I don't know about that but in some lights it looks blue and in others it's purple. But that matches its name: violet.

I left it on for like 12 hours. No joke. I wanted this shiznit to last! I washed it out with cold water and only conditioned it. Looks awesome! It really looks a hell of a lot better in person. I love it! Everyone else loves it too, and I always laugh when they ask where I got it done because I did such a shitty job (pardon my French) but oh well, job well done me?

Next time I'm thinking green. Not grass green but like a rich emerald green. Eeeee that would look so pretty with my eye color I think! I don't think I've done green before... I've done my whole head pink (my profile picture) and bright fire engine red, and obviously purple, but I need green in my life maybe!

Anyone else a fan of crazy hair colors?! So much fun, if you ever get the chance, try coloring your hair something crazy just for a bit, just be prepared for a lot of attention and compliments!



  1. I am too scurred of going that crazy with my own far I just do wild stuff with my eye makeup and nails, but it looks INCREDIBLE on you!!! So gorgeous!! Especially all wavy. :)

  2. Thanks Melissa! I am always trying new colors in my hair, especially now that I can get away with it at my work, hehe. And all I do to get it wavy is use texturizing spray! I love how easy it is!

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  4. Very helpful! I originally used splat lusty lavender which was too fushia, then I used manic panic purple haze which was pretty but even after bleaching, only visible in sunlight, so now I'm trying ultra violet. I hope it comes out as nice as yours! Fingers crossed!


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