Thursday, April 14, 2011

Flora by Gucci Review

I remember smelling this fragrance at Sephora a while ago but I don't remember if I liked it or not. It must have not made a decent impression on me since I can't remember it, but it called to me at the Nordstrom perfume counter, so I tried it. Oh baby, this scent is to die for!

Flora By Gucci
Flora by Gucci
So by now it may be known that I love a good floral with musk mixed in, and this has that combo in spades. It reminds me a lot of Katy Perry Purr (which you can read about here) but without the fruity side to it. Flora is just that: all floral. says about this lovely fragrance: "Gucci Flora is a subtle, sophisticated, floral fragrance inspired by princesses from the past, present, and future. The Flora Donna is a young, classic, and refined woman with the 'Gucci edge' of power and sensuality. The first Flora scarf was exclusively designed for Princess Grace of Monaco in 1966 and soon became one of the most popular Gucci icons. This scent is an expression of the Flora legacy. Its seductive layers mirror the playful details and bright colors that channel the heart of a fashion empire." Princess Grace!!! I love Grace Kelly! All the more reason to wear this scent, I can feel like a princess! Tee hee! Ahem, but anywaves, the notes according to "Citrus Accord, Peony, Rose, Osmanthus Flower, Pink Pepper, Sandalwood." Rose and sandalwood!! I love that combination. I can't really detect the citrus in the frangrance, but maybe I'm just so hung up on the other notes. I might even like this better than Katy Perry's, but I love the bottle for Katy Perry Purr and it's cheaper than Flora. lists a 1 oz bottle at $52, a 1.6 oz bottle at $70, and 2.5 oz bottle at $90. So it's more money for a scent I like better, and I do still like the Flora bottle, so I may just get Flora. If I received Purr as a gift I wouldn't mind it either though!

Favorite scents out there?!


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