Monday, April 18, 2011

EOTD: 4/8/2011

I'm in the midst of coloring my hair. I bleached some streaks and applied some lovely purple to the bleached parts and have almost had it on for four hours. I want this stuff to sink in and last! So here's another post, fittingly with purple eye shadows!

Products: BE Berry Flambe e/s, BE Midnight Sky e/s, MAC Blacktrack, MAC Tissueweight e/s, BE Enchanting e/s, BE Glee Radiance blush.

Blurred so you can see the gorgeous shimmer of Enchanting.

I did Enchanting just on the inside corner, then Berry Flambe all over the lid, Midnight Sky in the crease, Tissueweight as my highlight, and Blacktrack as top liner. 

Glee Radiance in on my cheeks, again, my favorite blush, EVER. PERIOD.

I'll get you some pics of my hair when it's done!!! :)



  1. Kyaa~ I love the purple! And you have tell me more about the BE blushes you have tried. I really want to try some!

  2. BE blushes are great! Some have shimmer, others are matte, and some have a kind of sheen to them. The one I have on is shimmery, but not glittery! They blend so easily and last all day!


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