Sunday, April 10, 2011

EOTD: 4/2/2011

Clang! Clang! Clang! Went the trolley! Ahhh I love that movie. For those not in the know, I refer to "Meet Me In St. Louis" of course. Judy Garland = <3!!! Freakin love classic movies, especially musicals, they don't make 'em like that anymore (or really any movie for that matter).

Anyhonker, eye look from the 2nd. I actually did this look on a girl at the store who was getting her makeup done for a dance, and I liked the colors I used so much that I had to try it on myself!

Products: BE Cheerful blush, BE Cultured Pearl e/s, MAC Fluidline Blacktrack, BE Big & Bright eyeliner in Ink, BE Now e/s, BE Brocade e/s, and BE Neptune e/s


So on the girl I used Ice Queen e/s, but I don't have that color, although I do have a dupe called Neptune! I suspect they're the same... Anyways, did that on the inner corner to the middle lid, then did Brocade on the middle lid to the outer corner and in the crease, then did Now in the crease. Lined with Blacktrack on the top and Ink on the bottom.

For my cheeks I mixed Cheerful blush with a bit of Cultured Pearl e/s because I wanted a blush with silver shimmer instead of gold (which I guess most blushes have in them anyway) and I like how it looks!

I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday! I have a meeting at work at 9am (boo!) but then I get to go to the bf's house and watch the Giants game (yeah!). Whew, these first two home games have been insane! But they raised the World Champions flag and the players and staff all received their World Series rings today! Bling! And tomorrow, Buster Posey receives his Rookie Of The Year award! Yeah, take that Jason Heyward! GO GIANTS!

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