Friday, April 29, 2011

EOTD: 4/17/2011

I'm watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince right now! And speaking of Brits, apparently the Royal Wedding is tomorrow??? I have no idea. Personally I could care less. It doesn't matter anyway because I'll be doing a friend's prom makeup and then off to work I go! Unfortunately that means that I have to miss yet another Giants game... UGH. And WHOA it's only barely the beginning of May and we're voting for the All-Star team already?! Jeez, I'd like to think the season lasts longer than that... But anyway, I'll at least get to see the Sharks game! GO SHARKS!

SO yes, here's a look from last week.

Products: MAC Blacktrack, BE Alley Cat e/s, BE Wowza e/s, BE Summer e/s, BE Sundress e/s, and BE Pretty Amazing in Moxie

Sorry this pic is blurry, I didn't realize it until I was editing, but it's rather nice cuz you can see all the pretty shimmer in Sundress!

So I did Alley Cat on the entire lid except for a tiny bit on the outer corner, then I did Sundress over that. I blended Summer in the crease a little bit, then I just did Wowza all over that in the crease. Lined with Blacktrack on the top.

I don't remember what was on my cheeks, probably Pink Ribbon from BE? And of course, the Pretty Amazing on my lips in Moxie. This pic was taken at the end of the day, so sorry for the haggard appearance.

Well in the process of this post I got pulled away from Harry Potter to listen to Nine Inch Nails again. I'm just so obsessed with "Reptilian" which is like a remixed version of my favorite song "Reptile". So into it! Agg now I should get some sleep because I have prom makeup to do tomorrow!!! I wish I could go to prom again, I'd definitely make better dress selections and do even better makeup! Did you go to your prom(s)?



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