Monday, April 18, 2011

EOTD: 4/13/2011 and an earthquake!

OMG! First I just have to point out that California (in my neck of the woods anyway) just experienced a 3.8 earthquake! And, get this, on the 105th anniversary of the 1906 earthquake! FREAKIN WEIRD!! Man, I love California.

Secondly, here's a lovely look I did last week. I loved this one! So colorful!

Products: MAC Blacktrack, BE Beautiful Lisa e/s, MAC Trax e/s, MAC Bright Future e/s, and in the center pink from Coastal Scents Color Palette.


Bright Future on the inner corner, Beautiful Lisa from the mid lid to the outer corner with the pink from Coastal Scents over it to make it more pigmented, Trax lightly blended in the crease, and Blacktrack as top liner.

Yay for sleeping in a messy bun and waking up with effortless waves! Haha. I put the new BE Pretty Amazing lip color Ambition on my lips for this look, loved it!! Such a great pink! See it closer here.

So! I love the combo of pink and yellow, it's so bright and cheery! 

And whew, what a crazy day so far! I never feel earthquakes (which should be a good thing) and that one, even though it was small, was ridiculous! Ah!! 



  1. This is a great look for spring. Very colorful but not overtly bright. :) I love California. I have been living here all my life!

  2. Did you feel the earthquake?! I live near SF, I guess people in the city didn't feel it, but I sure did! And thanks!


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